Advisory Board for Business and Administration

Advisory Board for Business and Administration

The Advisory Board for Business and Administration (ABBA), formally known as the Business and Admin. Governance Board (BAGB), was created by the AMS to provide oversight and accountability for the business and administrative operations of the AMS. They act as advisors, and are charged with providing vision, guidance, and oversight to AMS institutions.

Every year, the ABBA reviews the budgets of all AMS operations and makes recommendations to the General Manager about how to better direct the AMS towards its core values and goals.

The Governance Board reviews the budget of the business and administrative operations on an annual basis, and advises the General Manager as to the interpretation and implementation of the identified core values of the AMS in a business and administrative context. The Governance Board is also involved in the hiring of the General Manager and senior managers, as well as having other duties relating to staff relations and compensation.

The Governance Board is composed of four students, three alumni and two non-voting AMS executives, the AMS President and VP Finance. Alumni members are appointed for three-year terms and the student members are appointed for two-year terms. The terms are staggered so that there’s some continuity and we don’t have a whole new board every x number of years.

The student members are there to maintain the student-focused and student-led nature of the organization. The multi-year terms of the Governance Board members provide a valuable bridge between the near-future focus of AMS Council and the long-term planning capabilities of the AMS staff.

ABBA Membership:

Student members are:

  • Robin Asgari
  • Katherine Pan
  • Hassan Bhatti
  • Spencer Keys

Alumni members are:

  • David Borins
  • Mark Fraser
  • Carol Leacy

The Chair of ABBA can be reached at  Please send your questions, thoughts and feedback.

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