Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets once a week to discuss all the current issues in the Society. We have a very broad mandate and are used to ensure effective collaboration between the executives on major projects and issues. The Executive Committee is currently comprised of:

  • Aaron Bailey (Chair; President)
  • Jenna Omassi (VP Academic)
  • Mateusz Miadlikowski (VP Finance)
  • Jude Crasta (VP External)
  • Ava Nasiri (VP Administration)
Non-Voting Attendees:
  • Ron Gorodetsky (Student Services Manager)
  • Ross Horton (General Manager)
  • Sheldon Goldfarb (Archivist & Clerk of Council)
  • Daniel Levangie (Executive Director)

The University and Government Relations Advisor, the General Manager, and the Chair of the Business and Administration Governance Board may attend by invitation.

Meeting Minutes


Minutes Full Years


For access to older documents and minutes, please contact AMS Archivist Sheldon Goldfarb.

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