AMS Council

AMS Council, also known as Student Council, is the governing body of the AMS and is made up of student representatives chosen in Constituency elections (elections in Arts, Science, Engineering, etc.), along with the AMS Executive and student representatives from the Board of Governors and Senate.

If you are a member of AMS Council, the following handbook may be of use:

If you are a regular student and interested in attending meetings of Council, feel free to do so.  Meetings are open to all, and there’s even food.  Meetings take place every second or third Wednesday evening, at 6 pm, in the Michael Kingsmill Forum (Room 4301) in the AMS Student Nest.

Here is a list of upcoming meetings for 2018:

Council meeting date Meeting agenda Food served
*vegetarian options available at each meeting
June 20th, 2018 Agenda June 20 2018 Fried chicken
July 11th, 2018 Agenda July 11 2018 Chicken casserole
August 1st, 2018 Pulled pork sandwiches
August 22nd, 2018 Curry lentil stew and rice
September 12th, 2018 Pizza
September 26th, 2018 Mac n’ cheese and Caesar salad
October 10th, 2018 Chili and cornbread
October 24th, 2018 Fried chicken
November 7th, 2018 Curry lentil stew and rice
November 28th, 2018 Greek Chicken


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