Student Council Members

Student Council Members

Abdul Alnaar Speaker of Council
Marium Hamid President
Max Holmes VP Academic
Chris Hakim VP Administration
Cristina Ilnichi VP External Affairs
Kuol Akuechbenv VP Finance
Piers Fleming Student Services Mgr
Oliver Fravne Architecture
Ananva Singh Arts
Andy Wu Arts
Cole Evans Arts
Jerome Goddard Arts
Jeanie Malone BoG
Jakob Gattinger BoG
Evan Zhou Commerce
Jacqueline Wu Commerce
Chris Gooding Economics
Kate Burnham Engineering
Bryan Starick Engineering
Daniel Lee Forestry
Graduate Studies
Arash Shadkam Graduate Studies
Darren Touch Graduate Studies
 Victoria Gomez Graduate Studies
Andrew Au Kinesiology
Andria Coulbourn Land & Food Systems
Dylan Braam Law
Joella Allen Library/Archival
Jennifer Ling Medicine
Anican Yu Music
Laura Finkler Nursing
Nidah Dara Planning
Amy Kwan Pharmacy
Population & Public Health
Regent College
Jennifer Cheng Science
Sarah Park Science
Amir Moradi Science
Priscilla Chan Senate
Hannah Xiao Senate
St. Mark‘s
Social Work
Muse Greenwood VST

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