Key Projects

Key Projects

VP Academic

Open Education Resources (OERs) – Working to increase student advocacy surrounding OERs, such as Open Textbooks, as well as promote the accessibility and pedagogical benefits of OERs amongst faculty, staff, and the university administration.

Student Engagement – Evaluating the way in which the AMS engages with students on key university decisions, and determining the most effective ways to inclusively ensure that students are engaged in university decision making.

Undergraduate Research – Providing a platform for students to learn about the opportunities for undergraduate research that exist at UBC Vancouver, both in terms of student-led and faculty-led initiatives.

AMS Impact Grant – an initiative giving funding to UBC students interested in conducting scholarly research to build knowledge and understanding of post-secondary matters affecting UBC Vancouver’s community.

VP External

Compass Card/U-Pass BC Transition – In 2014, the U-Pass BC program will be getting a makeover as part of the transition to the new Compass Card program being rolled out across Metro Vancouver. The VPX and staff are working with TransLink, the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, and other student associations to ensure a smooth transition. For more information on U-Pass BC/Compass, please visit our U-Pass BC customer service portal.

Broadway Rapid Transit Advocacy – Over 74,000 people take transit to and from UBC each day, with most traveling on overcrowded busses and facing multiple “pass-ups.” Your VPX in coordination with Get OnBoard BC, a transit advocacy organization started by the AMS in 2012, are working on pressuring local and provincial authorities to construct a new rapid transit line along the Broadway corridor, and to properly fund Metro Vancouver’s public transit network. For more information on Get OnBoard BC, visit To learn more about the AMS’s Build Broadway campaign, visit

Financial Aid/Student Debt Advocacy – Students in Canada leave their post-secondary program with an average of $27,000 of debt. Your AMS has been working with student associations across BC through the Alliance of BC Students, and through the lobbying efforts of the VPX, to reestablish needs-based grants in BC, lower student loan interest rates down to prime, and increase block grant funding to BC post-secondary institutions.

Alliance of BC Students – The AMS, along with over a dozen student associations across the province have been working under the previous Where’s The Funding?! brand to lobby for positive changes to BC’s post-secondary system. Now rebranded the Alliance of BC Students, BC’s largest post-secondary lobbying organization, the VPX and staff have been working with partner organizations to formalize the Alliance, and become a provincially registered society under BC’s Society Act. For more information on the ABCS, please visit

OutreachAMS – In mid-September, the Office of the Vice-President, External Affairs launched a new community organizing tool for the UBC community: OutreachAMS. OutreachAMS is an online community for UBC students to get involved in their campus and external community. OutreachAMS provides UBC students a central point to find information about campaigns on post-secondary issues being run by the Office of the Vice-President, External Affairs, a place to communicate with other students in their faculty, and tools to take action on topics that UBC students care about. OutreachAMS is a non-partisan communication platform open to the entire UBC community, and creates a positive environment for students to easily interact with each other and outside bodies, including the different levels of government. For more information, please contact us at

VP Admin

The AMS Student Nest – Completion, transition and celebration! The AMS Student Nest is a 106 Million dollar building centered on student life and services that will be opening in 2015. The VP Admin team works to oversee the completion of and coordinate the transition to the new SUB in the second half of the 2014/15 academic term. The Nest Fest team is in charge of programming for opening celebrations and programming of space to fit the gaps in things provided by the AMS.

SAC Clubs Management System – The current software used by SAC to communicate with clubs and administrate information is under review and a major project taken on by the tem includes the selection and implementation of an all encompassing and user friendly platform with which AMS Clubs, their membership and the SAC team can communicate in an effective and efficient manner. This programming is accompanied by the creation of an all-encompassing guidebook for clubs, centralizing all resources available to student groups across campus.

SAC Sub-Committee Reform – As it stands, the most wonderful Art Gallery Committee is the only official sub committee of SAC. In the 2014/2015 term the team is working to bring together various interest groups from across campus to create a Dance club committee, integrate the Mental Health Network, a First Year Committee with representatives from all faculties amongst others.

Celebration of Interculturalism: Both through the establishment of Committee X, comprised of the heads of various aspects of student involvement from across campus creating a platform with which better collaboration and organization of initiatives across campus can happen along with collaborating with the UBC Intercultural Alliance on their annual intercultural fair, the VP Admin team is working to establish more critical engagement with the celebration of diversity at UBC Campus.