Tuition Consultation

Tuition Consultation

The consultation on the proposed international tuition increases is now over. Thanks to the support of a number of students writing in to UBC, attending consultation events, and from the hard work of the AMS, students were successful in decreasing most undergraduate program tuitions by about $2,000 and removing a number of other program fees completely. If you would like to see the AMS report for the Board of Governors, please click here.

For more information you can also check out the following articles:


Vancouver Sun:

Proposed International Tuition Increases?

This follows a directive of the UBC Board of Governors passed in June 2015:

“The UBC Board of Governors requests that Administration set international student tuition fees at levels that reflect UBC’s standing as a global university and the value of a UBC degree. While ensuring that the University maintains healthy enrolment of international students and attracts and retains a diverse range of students, the fees should support the mission and excellence of the University and should be comparable to those at peer institutions.”

The UBC Provost’s Office is therefore proposing to increase international tuition program-by-program, with an average for undergraduate degrees being the following:

  • 15% increase for 2016-2017
  • 15% increase for 2017-2018
  • 11% increase for 2018-2019

The increases being proposed for thesis-based masters programs vary much more largely, ranging from 2% incremental increases to substantially higher increases than being proposed for undergraduate programs.

What are the AMS, GSS, Undergraduate Societies, and International Students’ Association Doing?

The student societies that represent you have been meeting with the university administration, specifically the Provost and VP Students, to discuss these proposed international tuition increases and all factors related since April 2015. The AMS is also advocating against the international tuition increases, pursuant to the AMS University Affordability & Accessibility Policy. The following meetings will be happening between your student leaders and the university administration:

  1. Student Financial Aid and Support
  2. Diversity, Recruitment and Retention
  3. The International Student Experience
  4. Peer Institutions and International Tuition
  5. What is Excellence?
  6. Strategic Priorities for Students

How Do I Get Involved?

There are many ways for you to get involved and engaged, in big or small ways. Check out times for all meetings and events here: Click here!

Town Halls

Town Halls are informal gatherings meant to bring students together to discuss specific issues. These will be hosted in the AMS Student Nest and bring together both the university and the AMS to listen to students’ concerns and have a dialogue about the international tuition increases.

  1. Proposed International Tuition Increases & University Priorities (1)
  2. Proposed International Tuition Increases & University Priorities (2)
  3. Alternatives to Tuition Increases (AMS Hosted)
  4. University Excellence and the Student Experience (AMS Hosted)

Think Tanks

Think Tanks are smaller groups brought together to discuss solutions to problems brought up with international tuition increases in mind. These are meant to be diverse groups for creative and critical thinking, as well as problem solving, and will be hosted by the AMS VP Academic & University Affairs.

  1. How do we select ‘peer institutions’ to UBC?
  2. What is the relationship between diversity and an increase in international tuition?
  3. How is university ranking affected by tuition?
  4. How can we support the average international student? (ISA hosted)

Undergraduate Society Events

Tell Us What You Think

Beyond these meetings and groups, you can tell us what you think by filling out the following quick questionnaire. You can also reach out to Jenna Omassi, the AMS VP Academic & University Affairs at Undergraduate society presidents can also take feedback and comments from their constituents.