UBC BoG and Senate

UBC Board of Governors and the UBC Vancouver Senate

The UBC Board of Governors and the UBC Vancouver Senate together govern all aspects of academics, finances, and planning for the University of British Columbia Vancouver. Student representatives are elected to each.

The AMS and UBC are separate organizations, and the AMS regularly advocates for student interests to these bodies through the Vice-President, Academic and University Affairs.

Important notice: The UBC Vancouver Student Senate Caucus is seeking applicants for a student senator vacancy we will have in December. If you have an interest in the academic governance of the university, representing student needs and voicing your concerns with faculty members, deans and the president, please apply by November 12th at 11:59 pm. You can access the application form here.
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. To find out more about Senate please visit senate.ubc.ca/vancouver. Questions can be directed to the UBC Student Senate Caucus Facebook page.

UBC Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for all non-academic matters at UBC. This includes topics such as tuition policy, the university budget, and campus buildings. Large portions of Board meetings are open for anyone to attend.

The Board of Governors has 21 members. Two members are UBC-Vancouver students and one member is a UBC-Okanagan student, all three of whom are elected for one year terms. For more information on the Board of Governors, including meeting times and agendas, see the official UBC Board of Govenor’s website.

UBC Vancouver Senate

The UBC Vancouver Senate is responsible for all academic matters at UBC-Vancouver. This includes topics such as admissions, examination policy, academic discipline, and student awards. The Senate also approves course curricula and new departments and confers degrees. Meetings of the Senate are open for anyone to attend.

There are 85 members of the UBC Vancouver Senate, of whom 18 are student members elected for one year terms. For more information on the UBC Senate, including meeting times and agendas, see the official UBC Vancouver Senate website.

Student Representatives

UBC Board of Governors Student Representatives, 2018 – 2019

  • Jeanie Malone
  • Jakob Gattinger

The Board of Governors student representatives also maintain a central email provided to them by the AMS. They may be contacted at bog@ams.ubc.ca.

UBC Vancouver Senate Student Representatives, 2016 – 2017

Student members of the UBC Vancouver Senate maintain a Student Senate Caucus, where they meet regularly to discuss upcoming issues as a group. If you would like to contact the Student Senate Caucus, or you have any feedback, feel free to email senate@ams.ubc.ca! The Co-Chairs are Nick Dawson and Lina Castro, the Vice-Chair is Samantha So. If you would like to contact a student senator on a specific committee, look below for committee assignments. If you would like to see a record of the Student Senate Caucus minutes, or to read more on any current student led initiatives within Senate, check the Student Senate Minutes & Initiatives page to the left!

Student Senate Caucus Contact List:

Applied Science: Mark Bancroft bancroft.mark@gmail.com
Arts: Ian Sapollnik arts.senator@ubc.ca
Commerce and Business Administration: Daphne Tse daphne.tse@cus.ubc.ca
Dentistry: Steven Zbarsky szbarsky@alumni.ubc.ca
Education: Jolene Loveday jolene.loveday@gmail.com
Forestry: Danika Coulbourn danikacoulbourn@gmail.com
Graduate Studies: Miranda Huron
Jason Speidel
Land and Food Systems: Ava Maleki lfsus.senator@landfood.ubc.ca
Law: Ben Fischer senator@ubclss.com
Medicine: Taneille Johnson taneille.johnson@alimnu.ubc.ca
Pharmaceutical Sciences: Melina Huang phus.senate@gmail.com
Science: Ho Yi Kwan senator@sus.ubc.ca
Members at-large: Nick Dawson n.dawson@me.com
Lina Castro linascastro@hotmail.com
Samantha So samantha.so@alumni.ubc.ca
Kaidie Williams kaidie.williams@gmail.com
Daniel Lam danielstyslam@hotmail.com

Student Senate Caucus Committee Assignments:

Academic Building Needs Committee Danika Coulbourn
Melina Huang
Samantha So
Academic Policy Committee Mark Bancroft
Nick Dawson
Admissions Committee Ben Fischer
Taneille Johnson
Agenda Committee Nick Dawson
Ben Fischer
Appeals on Academic Standing Mark Bancroft
Melina Huang
Steven Zbarsky
Curriculum Committee Samantha So
Ian Sapollnik
Daniel Lam
Danika Coulbourn
Miranda Huron
Library Committee Mark Bancroft
Taneille Johnson
Jolene Loveday
Daphne Tse
Nominating Committee Lina Castro
Jason Speidel
Student Appeals on Academic Discipline Nick Dawson
Ho Yi Kwan
Steven Zbarsky
Student Awards Committee Miranda Huron
Ho Yi Kwan
Teaching & Learning Committee Daniel Lam
Samantha So
Melina Huang
Tributes Committee Samantha So
Kaidie Williams
AMS Council Representatives Daniel Lam
Ian Sapollnik
Mental Health and Wellbeing Ad-Hoc Committee Ava Maleki
Jason Speidel
Lina Castro
Kaidie Williams
Flexible Learning Ad-Hoc Committee Danika Coulbourn
Ava Maleki
Lina Castro
Council of Senates Taneille Johnson
Ava Maleki
Council of Senates Budget Committee Daphne Tse
Ian Sapollnik
Council of Senates Elections Committee Miranda Huron
Council Of Senates Committee 4 Jason Speidel