Permanent Art Collection

Permanent Art Collection

In 1940 Hunter Lewis, an English professor at UBC, suggested buying paintings to decorate Brock Hall and making them the start of a collection students could add to over the years. The idea was to gather the best work from Canadian artists as both an exciting collection and a historical record.

The Permanent Collection is managed and maintained by students. They’re in charge of curating, purchasing, and exhibiting all the art in the Permanent Collection. Currently, it consists of 72 paintings and sculptures by Canadian artists.

Arden, Roy;
Development #1 (1993)

Farfard, Joe;
Mon Oncle Regis (1972)
A.Y. Jackson South of the Coppermine 1960
Jackson, A.Y.;South of Coppermine (1960)

Shadbolt, Jack;
Mosaic for Autumn (1957)
Breeze, Claude;Lovers in a Landscape #10:
What Strange Fruit (1967)
Harris, Lawren;
Northern Image (1952)

Jarvis, Donald;
Blue Core (1964)
Shmidt, Marianne;
The Pregnant Bride (1984)

Woods, Chris;
Legerdemain I (2000)


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