Meet the Team

The team tasked with building the Nest includes members from the AMS, UBC, and Dialog + BH Architects.

AMS: The New SUB Project Committee

  • Ava Nasiri (Chair, AMS VP Administration)
  • Rob Brown (UBC Properties Trust)
  • Tanner Bokor (AMS President)
  • Rae Barilea (New SUB Community Engagement Coordinator)
  • Chiyi Tam (AMS Sustainability Coordinator)
  • Ross Horton (AMS General Manager)
  • Michael Kingsmill (AMS Project Manager & Design Services)
  • Abby Blinch (AMS Communications)
  • Uli Laue (AMS Director of Operations)
  • Guillaume Houle (Permanent Member)
  • Michael Duncan (Permanent Member)
  • Angela Tien (Member-at-Large)
  • Kevin Eng (Member-at-Large)
  • Jenna Omassi (AMS Councilor)

UBC Properties Trust

  • Robert Brown (UBC PT Vice President)

Dialog (HBBH) + BH Architects

  • Andrew Larigakis (Dialog Principal – project manager)
  • Bruce Haden (Dialog Principal – project architect and student engagement)
  • Jennifer Cutbill (Dialog Designer)
  • Joost Bakker (Dialog Partner)
  • Kate Gerson (Dialog Principal – interior architect)
  • Bill Nankivell (BH Principal)
  • Douglas Birkenshaw (BH Principal)
  • Kevin Stelzer BH (project architect)