Advocacy and Ombuds

Advocacy and Ombuds

The Advocacy and Ombuds offices are responsible for resolving student disputes and representing students. Chances are that if you’re in some form of formal conflict, the Advocacy and Ombuds offices can help you. They do very different things, but together they form our conflict resolution team.


The Advocacy Office provides confidential and effective guidance to undergraduate students who are in formal conflicts with the university. Such formal conflicts include academic disputes, non-academic disputes, housing appeals, library fines and parking disputes. We are always pro-student.

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The Ombuds Office is an independent, impartial body for conflict resolution and confidential service. They don’t answer to the AMS, they don’t answer to the university, and they don’t answer to anyone else. They’re like Jack Reacher, if Jack Reacher was a really, really good mediator.

If you’re not sure where to turn, the Ombuds Office is a good bet. Great utility players. The Gil McDougald of the SUB.

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