Advocacy Office

Advocacy Office

Advocacy Coordinator
Lisa Crossley
AMS Nest 3118
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The Advocacy Office was established in 1999 to provide information and support to students facing the bureaucratic challenges and disciplinary committees of UBC. AMS Advocacy office is always pro-student.


How we can help you

We strive to do our absolute best to provide students information regarding the UBC’s policies and procedures who are in a formal conflict with the University of British Columbia. We provide students with information not advice.

We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice. Rather, we are here to offer confidential and effective support to any undergraduate and graduate student at UBC in regards to the disputes outlined below.


  • Non Academic Misconduct

Non Academic Misconduct may include vandalism of University property, harassing others individuals, stealing on Campus Grounds, etc.

  • Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct may include engaging or attempting to engage in cheating, plagiarism, falsifying information, etc.

  • Academic standing

Academic Standing refers to issues such as failing a grade or promotion to next level of studies.

  • Housing appeals

Housing incidents that relate to the UBC Resident Contract, subletting, etc.

  • Parking disputes

Appealing a Traffic Notice (Parking ticket disputes)

  • Library fine appeals

Appealing library fines and other charges.



  • We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice
  • The Advocacy office does not present or advocate for students on their behalf, but merely provides assistance
  • The Advocacy Coordinator does not compile or write student appeal documents
  • The Advocacy Coordinator has no investigative weight, role or function in resolving or addressing a student’s issues/ concerns beyond bringing group advocacy trends to AMS elected student Executives, who are the voice of students
  • For us to provide the service of highest quality, please give us at least 7 days in advance to the hearing
  • Please note that there is only one coordinator, therefore we ask you to remain patient if your email correspondence is delayed
  • We cannot guarantee the outcome, but we can ensure you that we are on your side. We’ve got your back
  • Please review links provided below for more information



Volunteers at the Advocacy Office will have an opportunity to gain hands on experience in peer support and advocacy by assisting with the following:

  • Prepping and accompanying students to hearings
  • Managing files
  • Researching and summarizing UBC policy and procedures

The time commitment is ~3 hours a week.



At this time, we do not have any volunteering opportunities available. Stay tuned for more openings closer to the beginning of the school year!



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