Open all summer!!

Not sure where to go on campus? Traveling late at night? Afraid of going alone? Call Safewalk, a free service where a co-ed team will take you anywhere you need to go on campus. Don’t walk alone!

Safewalk Coordinator
Alexandria Oswell
SUB 249B
Hours of Operation
9pm-2am Nightly
SUB 100A

Add Safewalk to your phone! 604.822.5355

The safety and comfort of everyone on campus is important – that’s why there’s Safewalk.

Safewalk is a free service from the AMS that is looking out for your safety on campus, and operates most nights during the school year with its walking service. Safewalk will send a co-ed pair of walkers to any point on campus and will walk anyone to any point on campus they need to go.

Safewalk is a visible safety presence on campus and promotes safety by giving out whistles, safety cards, and public information on being safe on campus. Safewalk works closely with campus security and the RCMP to keep your safety a number one priority. Look for Safewalkers on campus with our red jackets, flashlights, and radios. We’re here for you, don’t walk alone!

For a walk:

  • Add Safewalk to your phone!
  • Call 604.822.5355
  • Use a UBC Blue Phone and ask for Safewalk
  • Approach any Safewalk Team
  • Drop by our office on the main floor of the SUB across from the Gallery Lounge

Hub Listings

In partnership with UBC, AMS Safewalk has installed a total of 28 HUBS on the UBC Vancouver Campus. These are deemed to be safe, well lit areas where you can wait while our teams are en-route! Just give us a call and let us know the most convenient HUB number for our team to pick you up at!

Find an error with the HUB listings? Want to report a HUB maintenance issue? Click HERE

Safewalk Initiatives

The Safewalk “Add It To Your Phone” campaign is encouraging students to be proactive about their safety on campus by distributing Fox-40 whistles and safety cards to students who add Safewalk’s number to their phone.

Safety Resources on Campus

When Safewalk is not operating feel free to contact either of these services to address your safety needs.

Campus Security

  • Non-Emergency: 604.822.2222


  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 604.224.1322