Safewalk Coordinator
Alejandra Zubiria Perez
SUB 249B
Hours of Operation
7pm-2am Nightly
SUB 100A

Safewalk is a pretty simple concept, but a great service for UBC students. UBC is big (really, really big) and you’re going to end up walking across it a lot. If you’re not comfortable with doing that alone, Safewalk can help you.

Call them at 604.822.5355!

They’ll send you a co-ed team of walkers to accompany you to your destination. Sometimes they’ll bring a car. Sometimes.

Otherwise, they’re a visible safety presence on campus. They give out whistles, safety cards, and information on being safe. They work closely with campus security and RCMP, and they’re easy to spot! Look for the red jacket and flashlight and clipboard.

If you need a walk:

  • Call them! (604.822.5355)
  • Use a UBC Blue Phone and ask for Safewalk
  • Talk to them, they’re out and about
  • Come by the office, across from the Gallery Lounge in the SUB

Hub Listings

In partnership with UBC, Safewalk has installed a total of 28 HUBS on the UBC Vancouver Campus. These safe, well-lit areas where you can wait while the teams are enroute! Just call and let us know the HUB number for the team to pick you up at!

Find an error with the HUB listings? Want to report a HUB maintenance issue? Click HERE

Safety Resources on Campus

If Safewalk’s not operating, please contact these people. They’re great.

Campus Security

  • Non-Emergency: 604.822.2222


  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 604.224.1322