Sexual Assault Support Centre

Sexual Assault Support Centre

Ashley Bentley
Assistant Manager
Josey Ross
Volunteer Coordinator
Marina Bochar
SASC Outreach Worker
Ivan Leonce
Office Hours
Summer Hours
(May-August)Monday – Friday: 9am-5pmAcademic Year Hours
(September- April)

Monday – Friday: 9am-7pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm

NEST 3127

The SASC is our frontline against sexualized violence and rape culture at UBC Vancouver. They’re dedicated to ending all forms of violence through a feminist, anti-oppression framework. They’re incredibly welcoming and thoughtful people, and they work every day to support and empower faculty, staff, students, and visitors of all genders and backgrounds. All of their services are free and confidential.

Their approach is two-pronged: they offer education and prevention services, and provide emotional support and intervention. Here’s how they do that:


The SASC elevates awareness of social inequities and their manifestations with training, education, and outreach through a social justice, feminist, and anti-oppressive framework.  They have a number of programs associated with awareness, and they’re always eager to make use of new platforms as well as work with community partners

Some examples are:


The supporting arm of the SASC is probably its best-known service.  In brief, the SASC offers short-term and crisis emotional support for survivors of sexualized violence, as well as bystanders, family, friends and loved ones.   As part of their emotional support services, the SASC can assist folks with resources, referrals and advocacy services relevant to individual need.


The SASC also offers a volunteer program which provides outreach services within the UBC community and aids the SASC staff in office tasks.  People of all genders, orientations, and levels of experience in anti-violence work are part of the volunteer team.  Applications are available once per academic year, usually in August/September.

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