Volunteer Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year will open in June 2018!

Peer Support Volunteers

Are you looking to learn how to better support your peers? Peer Support Volunteers facilitate drop-in sessions with UBC students. Our volunteers are highly trained in active listening skills, offering referrals and general mental health competency. Volunteers are prepared to enact emergency procedures if necessary to ensure safety of students using the service.

Marketing Outreach Volunteers

Are you looking to gain marketing and event planning experience? Marketing Outreach Volunteers engage with the UBC community through interactive events to increase awareness of Speakeasy and reduce the stigma around mental health and mental health services. All training is provided and no previous experience is necessary to apply for this position.

How to Apply

If you would like to be notified when volunteer applications are released, please email Dani (Speakeasy Coordinator) at speak@ams.ubc.ca.



Why Volunteer with AMS Speakeasy?

“Speakeasy has changed my life for the better as it has not only allowed me to develop my professional skills but has also given me lifelong friends, meaningful experiences and memories I will cherish forever.” – Danielle Sanford, Speakeasy Coordinator

“Speakeasy is a safe, all-inclusive community where we can grow, learn and support one another. We are a group where we can celebrate each other’s success and lift each other up when we’re in need.” – Former Speakeasy Volunteer

“Speakeasy is like family – like a place where I actually feel like I belong.” – Former Speakeasy Volunteer