Free Tutoring

Tutoring Coordinator
Simran Cheema
AMS Nest 3107D
Tutoring Assistant Coordinator
Hayley McArthur
AMS Nest 3107E

Get that mark.

If you got this far, you know what a tutor is.

Our tutors are here to help you transition from high school to university.

If you’re a first or second year student, we can help you with coursework, exam reviews and much, much more. It’s all free, of course, because we care about you doing well, and we want you to be a better, more independent learner.

No, we won’t do your homework for you. Stop asking.

Free Tutoring in Irving

  • Starting September 2015
  • Where: Qualicum Room//3rd Floor

Free Tutoring for LFS Students

Do you need assistance with Math, Biology, Chemistry, Stats, Physics and other LFS courses? Perfect!

  • Starting September 2015
  • Where: Macmillan 358

Free Tutoring in Residence

If you want help, but just hate walking, tutoring in residence is for you!

Tutoring in Totem Park

  • Starting September 2015
  • Where: Group Study Room (Commons block)

Tutoring in Place Vanier

  • Starting September 2015
  • Where: Boardroom (Commons block)

Tutoring in Walter Gage

  • Starting September 2015
  • Where: Ruth Blair A


Appointment Tutoring

To see more information about Appointment Tutoring services, please visit the UBC Alma Mater Society’s Help Hub page at:


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