U-Pass BC

U-Pass BC

The U-Pass gives you unlimited access to any and all of TransLink services, including bus routes, Skytrains, and the SeaBus. The U-Pass is a mandatory, but very popular, program for all AMS members. It costs $39.50 a month, and was re-approved by 96% of voters at the most recent student referendum. From May 2017 to April 2018, the U-Pass fee will increase to $41.00.

Compass Card

Be sure to pick up an adult Compass Card at Compass Retailers or at Compass Vending Machines located at Skytrain, SeaBus, and West Coast Express stations and London Drug stores. Once you have your card, load your card at upassbc.translink.ca before the 1st or every month.

All you need to do is Tap-in when you enter a bus, or Tap-In and Tap-out when you enter and leave a station. But, be sure to have your student I.D with your or else you risk paying a penalty or even have your pass taken away by transit police!

How it Works

Thanks to our kick-ass negotiators, the U-Pass BC program represents a big cost saving for you. To make this happen, we mandate that all our members buy the U-Pass, and then negotiate with Translink on the basis of having thousands of members.

Your U-Pass costs $39.50, where a comparable pass would cost you $170.00. Even elementary and high school students pay more to ride the bus in Vancouver. The U-Pass is the cheapest pass of any kind that Translink offers!


If your program of study qualifies for the U-Pass, then the university will automatically charge you for it on your financial account. To be eligible for the U-Pass you have to meet 2 requirements:

  • You’re registered in full- or part-time on-campus studies with a minimum of three credits, or assessed tuition fees of more than $170/month;
  • You’re a fee-paying member of the AMS

Under some circumstances, you may apply for a U-Pass Exemption on your SSC. Click here to see if you qualify for an exemption.

If you drop all your courses during the Add/Drop, and you surrender your U-Pass to Enrollment Services, you’ll get a full refund of your U-Pass fees.

You can also apply for an exemption from the program, if you meet certain criteria. You can find details on those criteria here: http://www.upass.ubc.ca/exemptions-and-subsidies/

If you don’t qualify for an exemption, but have financial hardship, you can apply for an AMS subsidy here.


For technical issues with your Compass Card, visit troubleshooting info or contact Compass Customer Service Centre at 604-398-2042

For eligibility issues and U-Pass Exemptions, contact Jenny Lee Walker at upass.exemptions@ubc.ca

For other inquiries, contact the AMS Transit & U-Pass Commissioner at upass@ams.ubc.ca