VICE Coordinator
Alexander Dauncey
AMS Nest 3107
Office Hours
Tue; Thu: 13.30-15.30

By Appointment

AMS Nest 3107

Find your balance.

The deadline to apply to be a Vice volunteer has now passed. Feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator with any questions concerning Vice.

VICE will aim to become your support system, whether you decide to achieve abstinence or find your balance with alcohol, drugs, and technology use. The tools that VICE will provide are educationpeer dialogue, and mentorship.

Through educational outreach campaigns and a variety of informational resources, VICE will offer students the knowledge that they need to make informed decisions about their substance use patterns.

With the intention of shifting away from a common misconception surrounding substance use patterns at universities, VICE will provide students with accurate information about substances themselves, average usage rates within our community and the characteristics and risks associated with a range of substance use patterns. The aim of providing this information will be to engage students in critical reflection, intentionality and agency to foster a greater capacity to manage their own health.

VICE will also provide groups of peers the opportunity to have open and honest discussions about what healthy substance use looks like to them. Talking openly with peers and students may reveal a less distorted view about what other students are truly comfortable with. Through engagement in these conversations, students may find guidance and support in each other on their own journey to finding balance in substance use and their own limits.

Finally, for those who feel they may need some additional support, VICE will provide a mentorship program. A student will be paired with a mentor, who they will collaborate with to determine a course of action that will support the student in reaching the substance use pattern that is best for them. Specific goals will be tailored to each student, in order to make sure the student is ultimately comfortable and happy with the choices that they’re making.

With the tools that you need, VICE can help you get on track towards a lifestyle that you’re happy with.

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