Whether it is a dialogue session with multiple people or a one-on-one with a mentor, we ensure that all parties maintain strict confidentiality.

All of our volunteers follow the Protection of Personal Information Act. This means that we do not share any of the information that you share with us with any other parties or organizations. The only circumstances in which we may need to disclose information are as follows:

  • We have reasonable grounds to believe that a child is in need of protection. We are then required to report our concerns to child protection services in the Ministry of Children and Families.
  • We have reasonable grounds to believe that a person is a danger to themselves or others. We are then required to notify the appropriate authorities and others who have the ability to protect the person at risk. At times we may be required to notify the person who is in danger.
  • A judge, coroner, ombudsman, children’s commission and other authorities order us to release records or to appear and provide information.

In group settings, all parties present agree to mutual confidentiality. Unless necessary as a means of contact, we do not collect any personal information such as names, or contact info.

If you have any other questions about our confidentiality policies, please contact us.

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