Dialogue Sessions

If you have ever wondered what other students think about alcohol use, drug use, or technology use, attending a dialogue session might be right for you. These sessions are a chance to talk openly about substance use in our friend groups and in our own lives, with the intention of helping individuals find out what “balance” means to them. Through engagement in these conversations, students may find guidance and support in each other on their own journey to finding balance in substance use and their own limits.

What does a “session” look like?

Dialogue sessions occur once a week, focusing on alcohol, drugs, or technology. These sessions will be on a rotating schedule, so students can expect any one topic to occur once every three weeks.

Although sessions are broadly focused on alcohol, drugs, or technology, they will be tailored to what the students in the room want to talk about within that category. Once a topic is set, students will talk about what that looks like in their life right now, and how it might look in the future. Mentors will also be available after sessions for students who want to stay and chat!

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