If you feel like you might need some extra support in your journey to find your balance, a peer mentor might be the right fit for you.

Once a student is paired with a mentor, they will collaborate to determine a course of action that will support the student in reaching the substance use pattern that is best for them. Specific goals will be tailored to each student, in order to make sure the student is ultimately comfortable and happy with the choices that they’re making. The specific goals that will be set with the student may or may not include UBC or external resources in Vancouver. Mentors will be well versed in the types of resources available to students and will be able to suggest a number of resources which fit the mentee’s needs. This personalized approach will ensure that students struggling with any degree of addiction or substance misuse will be able to find support.

As a mentee, you and your mentor will meet once a month to revisit your goals and check up on your progress! If you are interested in talking with a mentor to see if a mentoring program is right for you – click here – once you fill out this form with your info, a mentor will be in contact with you within a couple of days. If you do not hear from us within a couple of days, please contact us!

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