Volunteer Avenue

Volunteer Avenue Coordinator
Christina Sunwoo
AMS Nest 3107
Office Hours
Tue 13.00-15.00

Thu 13.30-15.00

By Appointment

Volunteer Team Coordinator
Elnaz Aminjavaheri
AMS Nest 3107
Office Hours
Wed: 1-4PM & Thu: 12-3PM
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Level up.

Volunteer Avenue is a free AMS service that offers resources and tools to guide you in pursuing a volunteer position that will be right for you.

Volunteer Avenue is a free AMS service that is offered for UBC students. We may not directly be able to connect you with a certain organization, but we can definitely give you the resources and assets to help find a volunteer placement best fit for your needs. Typically, we would conduct a one-on-one consultation to help find volunteer opportunities for students who are interested in volunteering around or near campus.

We offer our free service to all UBC students.

Why volunteer?

  • Build your resume
  • Build connections in the field you are interested in
  • Meet great people
  • Gain greater knowledge about the organization/industry/field
  • Build a sense of belonging in the community
  • Give back to your community/environment
  • Sense of fulfillment

If you have any further questions or you would like to set up a consultation please email Volunteer Avenue Coordinator or drop by during our office hours.

If you are looking for long-term volunteering, email: volunteers@ams.ubc.ca


Volunteer Team


Volunteer Team is a new extension of the Volunteer Avenue service that provides students (especially those new-to-UBC) with opportunities to get involved on or off campus through short-term, non-committal volunteering positions.

We help you to branch out and try different and out-the-box opportunities for a short time period in order to find your best volunteering match. Starting off with Volunteer Team would increase the quality of your future long-term commitments since you’ll be more aware of your interests and more capable in channeling them towards rewarding job and volunteer experiences.

Once you sign-up for our newsletter, we will start sending you updates on events and openings that require short term volunteers. You pick your favorites and we’ll put you in touch with them. It’s that easy!

If you have any questions or want to chat about Volunteer Team and our role in bettering your volunteering experiences, don’t hesitate to stop by our office or contact the Volunteer Team coordinator Elnaz Aminjavaheri at VolunteerTeam@ams.ubc.ca.



All of the volunteer opportunities are posted on:

  1. UBC CareersOnline;
  2. AMS Volunteer Posting.

If you have already browsed our listing but aren’t sure what will work for you, feel free to contact us at 604-822-9268 or email us at volunteers@ams.ubc.ca, and one of the AMS Connect staff will be  happy to discuss the opportunities that match your skills, goals, and availability.



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