AMS Archives

Archivist & Clerk of Council
Sheldon Goldfarb
NEST 3514


The AMS Archives holds most of the older documents produced by the AMS, including ancient Student Council minutes from the 1920’s and more recent reports and correspondence.  A lot of it is now electronic and can be easily shared on request (some of it is posted elsewhere on this site).

In 2017, the AMS Archivist, Sheldon Goldfarb, with the help of the Archives assistants, produced a history book, tracing the first century of student life at UBC.

The book is available at the UBC Bookstore  and through Amazon. Also at Chapters. 

If you want to actually see the records, or if you’d like to see some of our other indexes (for the AMS art collection, club files, publications, renovations files, and more), or if you want more historical information, you can contact the Archivist at or the Archives Assistants at


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