AMS Awards

AMS Awards

Great Trekker Award

The Great Trekker award was initiated in 1950. This award is presented by the AMS to a graduate of UBC who has:

  1. achieved eminence in his or her chosen field of activity;
  2. made a worthy and special contribution to the community; and
  3. evidenced an especially keen and continued interest in his/her Alma Mater and rendered particular service to the undergraduate and graduate students.

The award is also said to commemorate the spirit of the Great Trek of 1922, the march by UBC students that helped convince the government to provide the funding needed to build the current campus in Point Grey.

See a full list of Great Trekker Award Recipients (PDF)

Just Desserts Awards

Brought to you by the AMS and the Alumni Association, Just Desserts is an annual awards ceremony to recognize students, faculty, and staff who have shown exceptional service to the students of each constituency.

Award Criteria

  1. faculty, staff (including teaching assistants) and/or students who have gone above and beyond in their service to the constituency may be chosen as recipients;
  2. one recipient per AMS Council seat of a constituency;
  3. if a constituency holds more than one Council seat, at least one recipient must be faculty;
  4. recipient choices must be approved by the Council of the Constituency. Minutes of the meeting must be presented upon request.