2018 Elections


Hello everyone!

-2018 Election Schedule-

The 2018 AMS Election nominations are now closed.

The All-Candidates Meeting will be Friday, Feb 16 at 5:00pm following the close of nominations. Candidate attendance is mandatory as this meeting will go through election rules and guidelines. The location will be emailed to the candidates closer to the date.

Official Campaign Period begins Monday, Feb 26th until March 9th: This is when candidates are officially allowed to campaign using campaign material that is approved by the Elections Committee. Campaigning before this period is strictly prohibited. Take his time to learn about the candidates and make an informed decision for when voting polls open on March 5th.

Voting Polls Open Monday, March 5th: Students will be able to vote at https://amsvoting.as.it.ubc.ca!

Voting Polls Close Friday, March 9th:  Students will not be able to vote after this deadline.

Results announced on TBD: Location will be announced closer to the date.


Questions? Please reach out to us by email or online:

Please email the Elections Administrator at elections@ams.ubc.ca .

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This information is approved by the AMS Elections Committee.