2018 Results

Official results: 

President – Marium Hamid
VP Academic & University – Max Holmes
VP Finance – Kuol Akuechbeny
VP Administration – Chris Hakim
VP External – Cristina Ilnitchi

Senate – Jeannie Malone, Max Holmes, Marium Hamid, Hannah Xiao, Jakob Gattinger

Ubyssey Publications Society Board of Directors: Raghav Aggerwal, Kameron Thanas, Wyatt Vipond, Ali Zahedi, Benjamin Amuwo

Student Legal Fund Society Board of Directors: Yumi Drossos, Thabo Gapore, Sam Sutter, Ben LeSage, Jake O’Neil, Joshua Sacks

Referendum Results:
(1) UPass Referendum: PASSED
(2) AMS Fee Restructuring Proposal: NOT PASSED**
(3) Removal of Student Court: NOT PASSED**
(4) Sustainable Food Access Fund: PASSED

Thank you all for voting this year! See you all next year!