Your AMS is committed to the constant improvement of the student experience. Every year the AMS supports the “Vote Yes” Campaign in support of various referenda, with the aim of making meaningful changes in student life.

This year the AMS supports the following three referenda:

1) “Do you support and approve the continuation of the U-Pass BC program at the current price of $41.00/month, effective April 2018?

Note: If this referendum is not approved, UBC students will no longer be eligible for the U-Pass BC program.”

2)  “Do you support and approve the fee restructuring proposal as presented?” (Click here to view the fee restructuring proposal)

3) “Do you support and approve amending the AMS Bylaws in accordance with the changes presented in the document entitled Removing Student Court from the AMS Bylaws?” (Click here for more information)

With the fourth referenda questions brought forwards by students:

4) Do you support the AMS establishing a Sustainable Food Access Fund through a refundable fee of $0.35 to support on campus sustainable food initiatives? (subsidize food prices and increase programming at Agora Cafe and UBC Sprouts, and offer a student discount at the UBC Farm Market and Roots on the Roof).

For any other questions regarding this year’s AMS Referenda or the “Vote Yes” Campaign – please contact