Recent AMS Victories

The AMS isn’t perfect, but sometimes they do some pretty amazing things. Check out the list below for some  of their more recent success stories.

U-Pass: 2003

Starting all the way back in 1990, the AMS began lobbying for inexpensive transit passes for students. TransLink was in favour of the idea but agreeing on what “affordable” meant took a bit of time. Eventually a price was agreed on and it was brought to students through a  referendum in 2003. The referendum passed easily with a large turnout and students have been…. enjoying (?) the bus ride to campus ever since.

New SUB: 2008

With an AMS out growing it’s home in the Student Union Building and UBC planning on introducing retail shopping and high-rise condos in the centre of campus (much to the chagrin of students) the AMS came up with a solution: approach the University with plans for a new Student Union Building to dominate the centre of campus. When the referendum passed, the AMS was able to promise the University the largest donation ever at UBC (and from students, to boot) at $85 million. Construction began in 2012.

Great Farm Trek: 2009

Echoing the tradition of the Great Trek of 1922, the AMS and its club, Friends of the Farm, organized the Great Farm Trek to retain the UBC Farm as “an educational and community focused asset of the University”.  On April 7, 2,000 students and other supporters marched from the Student Union Building to the UBC Farm by way of the building where the Board of Governors was meeting. There was much coverage in the media, Metro Vancouver came out in support, and eventually the Board of Governors agreed to change the farm’s designation. “I stand in awe of the passion around the farm,” a UBC Vice-President later told AMS Council, praising what the AMS had done as a “persuasive act of democracy.”

Alliance of BC Students: 2013

Founded by the AMS, University of Fraser Valley Students Union, University of Victoria Students’ Society, and the Capilano University Students Union, the ABCS is the largest non-partisan post-secondary advocacy group in BC representing over 140,000 graduate, undergraduate, and trades students at ten institutions.