AMS Missteps

Proof nobody’s perfect.

Heavy-Handed Execs: 2004

In December the Executive decided to fire the AMS’s General Manager. When Council got word they held an emergency session and requested that the President resign and reinstated the GM. In the end no one resigned, the GM remained, and Council passed a motion to censure the Executive.

UN Gate: 2009

The then-AMS President and VP External felt strongly that the cost of attending classes at UBC was infringing upon the basis right to an education. So what did they decided to do about it? Go straight to the UN, of course.

Their plan was hid from Council and once it was discovered prompted an emergency session which resulted in the decision to withdraw the UN complaint and requested the resignation of the President and VP External.

Gaza Gate: 2010

The Social Justice Committee (SJC) approved the expenditure of $700 to support a Canadian humanitarian aid flotilla to Gaza, which was set to sail in the spring of 2011.  Concerns were raised by both students and the VP Finance causing the AMS to freeze the transaction in order to bring it to Council for approval. The SJC argued this was an infringement of code as Council does not control each expenditure of the Committee.

Council debated the issue for almost 3 hours, with over 200 students present. Concerns were raised over the legitimacy of the organization and if it has links to terrorism. In the end, the expenditure was approved.

CUS Frosh Chants: 2013

In September, The Ubyssey broke the story that a chant depicting non-consensual sex with an underage girl was being sung during the Commerce Undergraduate Society’s (CUS) Orientation Week. Both UBC and the AMS were quick to step up and declare the chant offensive and inappropriate. Numerous members of the CUS were either let go or resigned and the remaining took sensitivity training and completed volunteer hours in recognition of extremely poor judgment.