AMS Sustainability

AMS Sustainability (the sustainability office of the Alma Mater Society of the University of British Columbia) has two key roles:

    • We provide connections and resources to students wishing to complete their own sustainability related projects, through the Sustainability Projects Fund
    • We create and coordinate in-house Sustainability Initiatives to build upon the environmental and social responsibility of the students at UBC Vancouver.

The AMS Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) was established in September 2011, when UBC students passed a successful referendum to support student-initiated sustainability projects, through a $2.25 per student fee each year.

The SPF encourages an environmentally conscious culture, by funding student-led projects that reduce the ecological footprint of UBC students and their campus.  In the past, we have funded projects for as much as $10,000! For more details about the Fund, please check out the official SPF Guide, the SPF Policy 2017 Document, and also the criteria upon which projects are reviewed by the committee.

If you have a project in mind, send us an email at and check out the Sustainability Projects Fund page on this site.

AMS Sustainability also develops their own Sustainability Initiatives too. These projects are run by the student staff of AMS Sustainability and often involve collaboration with other students, clubs, or organizations. Have you heard of the AMS Lighter Footprint Strategy? Well, that was an AMS Sustainability led initiative. We are also responsible for a lot of the sustainability features in the Nest.

Come and check us out inb room 3501 in the Nest for more information on AMS Sustainability, the Sustainability Projects Fund and our AMS Sustainability Initiatives.