Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

The criteria scoring method is meant as a guideline for both applicants and committee members. The final approval of a project remains at the discretion of the committee, regardless of final score.

Project applications will be graded using a four point system as follows:

4- Exceeds expectations for alignment with criteria

3- Meets expectations for alignment with criteria

2- Aligns with most of the criteria

1- Minimal alignment with criteria

0- Does not align with criteria*

Criterion Description Score
Environmental Impact Will this project directly (i.e. not just by educating) reduce the ecological footprint of the AMS? UBC campus? /4
Student Engagement Is this project initiated/conducted by students? Will this project encourage or assist the engagement of students with their surroundings, their social, mental, cultural, spiritual, physical health and well-being? /4
Outreach Will this project educate students (or the public) on the importance of sustainability and ways they can help beyond what is already common knowledge? /4
Longevity/ Potential Growth How long will this project’s effects be felt? Will this project set a precedent for more impactful change? /4


Is the project reasonable in its budget and timeline? Could the project be done for cheaper? Is the project likely to run over budget or over time? Are ongoing costs accounted for? /4
Scope Reasonableness Do the anticipated outcomes of this project seem reasonable? Will it reach as many students as predicted? (For example, could it create more waste than it saves?) /4
Innovation Is this project trying something new? If similar projects have been done before (here or elsewhere), is this project learning from those and making necessary changes? /4
Quantifiability of Outcomes Are the outcomes of this project quantifiable? Can the project be deemed a success or a failure? /4
Value Are the expected outcomes of this project worth the amount of funding requested? /4
Total /36

*A score of zero in any criteria will automatically result in no approval, but does not negate re-submission (at the discretion of the committee).

If you have questions about the criteria below, please contact the Sustainability Funds Administrator at sustainadmin@ams.ubc.ca.