Internship Coordinator
Olivia Yung

Our program has undergone a few changes to help fit the needs of UBC students better. We now post positions and accept applications from students on a rolling basis throughout the year. This allows more flexibility for students and enables us to offer a wider variety of opportunities for students! Internship Positions will be posted regularly on our website, under the Postings tab and on UBC Careers Online.

Internship Program

  • Applying for jobs only to realize you don’t have the applicable skills necessary to succeed?
  • Want to expand your resume and portfolio with hands on experience?
  • Finally realized that your degree may not be enough to get that dream job of yours?
  • Want to gain a footstep into the working environment and build important networks for your future career endeavor?
  • Need valuable and marketable work experience before you graduate?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, the internship program is right for you! Whether you’re in first year or fifth year, the internship provides students of all faculties with real, hands-on experience in a professional working environment. It’s time to apply your education to real life work experience before you graduate.

This year we have a diverse array of opportunities from marketing and business to medicine, education, and much more! Some of our past students who have participated in this program have not only expanded their skills and resume, but have landed great jobs from their internship.

How to Apply

To apply for a position, send an electronic copy of your most recent resume and cover letter the AMS Internship Office- Include the posting ID(s), your name, year, faculty program and availability for one on one session with a Coordinator for the following week. Once you have sent in your information, you will be contacted by the AMS Internship Office to set up a meeting with a Coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or drop by our office SUB249A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for more than one internship?
Yes, please indicate which internships you are applying for in your application email. We will submit your application to the employers indicated. Please note, each student may only hold one internship position at a time.

How will I know if I’m accepted?
We will contact you if you are accepted into the internship program. If you are, you will be contacted by the employer for further details or for an interview.

What’s the difference between volunteering and an internship?
Internship placements are treated as a work experience. Therefore, you are considered to be one of the employees at their company. In addition, several students have gone on to work at their internship placements and gained other networking opportunities. The minimum commitment for an internship placement is two months and students must sign a contract to commit to their placement.

Are the internships paid positions?
The internship positions are not paid as they are meant to guide students and allow them to gain experience and skills. However, very often, employers hire their interns after the session is over, especially if the intern has become an expert in his/her position.

Will there be more internships during the year?
Yes, we now post internship positions on a rolling basis, so check back often for new postings.

What do I need to do during my time as an Intern?
During your time as an Intern, the AMS Internship office will request that you fill out an interim survey, as well as, a final survey. The information we collect will help us improve the service to better serve the UBC community.

If you have further questions, or any concerns about the program or your specific internship, please contact the AMS Connect Internship Office at or by phone at 604-822-9268.