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We've got your back

Officially-speaking, we’re here to improve the quality of your academic, social, and personal lives at UBC, but what do we actually do? We provide a platform for your voice to be heard on issues ranging from student housing to climate change; champion student matters, like the affordability and accessibility of your education; offer diverse opportunities to get involved in student life; and provide the support you need to enjoy the highs and tackle the lows of campus life. We’re here to listen and take action on anything and everything that impacts your student experience; we’ve got your back.


Find Us Here

Welcome to The Nest, the hub of student life on campus. Within these walls, you will become empowered to create, inspired to take charge, and motivated to make a difference. You will be surrounded by activity and the fuel you need—we’re talking food and coffee—to take on any task. With enough Blue Chip coffee, you might even finish that paper you’ve been struggling with since the start of term! And if you’re looking for a break, the Nest has you covered with spaces to relax and catch up with friends, outdoor areas to revitalize, and some unexpected attractions; did someone say rock climbing? Here you’ll find community, a place where you belong, and people who encourage you to dive right into campus life.


Make a Difference

How can you make a difference on campus? Get involved! We have something for everyone (you wouldn’t believe some of the clubs we have) and if we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can be a pioneer and start a club of your own. So whether you’re looking to meet new people outside your faculty or program, searching for a club that aligns with your career goals, or focused on making impactful changes around UBC, check out what’s on offer or create something new! It all starts with taking a first step and finding that club, community, or group that empowers you to make a difference.


Mark Your Calendars

You don’t want to miss our legendary bucket-list events—or any event we’re putting on—because you won’t remember the time you sat in your dorm watching Netflix. You’ll remember the time you relived the 2000s at Pit Night, the time you tried a Latin dance class and met people you never thought you would, the time you realized you weren’t Picasso at one of our paint nights, or that perfect ‘Instagram versus reality’ moment in yoga class. University is the perfect time to take advantage of everything on offer, so bookmark this page, mark your calendars, and get excited for the year ahead!