Policies & Plans

Policies & Plans

Policies & Plans

The AMS has our own unique policies and plans. We have Internal Policies and Operations Committee Policies, and also strategic plans – the AMS Equity Plan and the AMS Sustainability Plan.

These documents are specific to the AMS, which means that these are NOT UBC policies! You can read about UBC’s policies on their website.

AMS Policies

The policies establish principles and rules for the AMS, along with procedures for implementing those principles.

Policy CodePolicy Category
BUBuilding Policies
CMCommunications Policies
FNFinancial Policies
GVGovernance Policies
PCPeople and Community Policies
SRSecurity, Privacy, and Records Policies

Building Policies (BU)

Policy NumberTitleLast ReviewedTo be ReviewedResponsible Body
BU1Suspensions and Expulsions from AMS Property2020-03-252025-03-25Operations Committee

Communications Policies (CM)

Policy NumberTitleLast ReviewedTo Be ReviewedResponsible Body
CM1Media Interactions and Statements2022-04-272026-04-27Executive Committee
CM2Responsible Use of Student Contact Information2020-04-092025-04-09Executive Committee
CM3Surveys2023-04-282026-04-28Executive Committee
CM4Communications with the Musqueam Indian Band2023-08-292026-08-29Executive Committee
CM5Tuition and Mandatory Fee Consultations from the University2021-04-282023-04-28Advocacy Committee

Financial Policies (FN)

Policy NumberTitleLast ReviewedTo Be ReviewedResponsible Body
FN1Investments2024-04-152027-04-15Finance Committee
FN2Credit Cards2022-06-012025-06-01Finance Committee
FN3Executives Expenditures2020-06-242025-06-24Finance Committee
FN4Endowment Management2024-03-272027-03-27Finance Committee

Governance Policies (GV)

Policy NumberTitleLast ReviewedTo Be ReviewedResponsible Body
GV1Policies2024-04-252026-04-25Governance Committee
GV2Committee Appointments2022-07-272025-07-27Governance Committee
GV3Executive and Council Transitions2022-04-272024-04-27Human Resources Committee
GV4Goal Setting and Reporting for the Executive and Managing Director2023-03-292025-03-29Governance Committee

People and Community Policies (PC)

Policy NumberTitleLast ReviewedTo Be ReviewedResponsible Body
PC1Respectful Community and Workplace | Complaint Form2024-04-252025-05-25Executive Committee
PC2Sexualized Violence | Complaint Form2024-04-252025-05-25Executive Committee
PC3Workplace Health and Safety2023-03-012025-03-01AMS Health & Safety Committee
PC4Prizes and Awards2022-04-272027-04-27Executive Committee
PC7Air Travel and Expenditures Policy2023-05-012026-03-01Operations Committee

Security, Privacy, and Records Policies (SR)

Policy NumberTitleReviewedTo Be ReviewedResponsible Body
SR1Privacy2023-10-112026-10-11Governance Committee
SR2Records2021-02-242026-02-24Governance Committee
SR3Responsible Computer Use2021-04-282026-04-28Finance Committee
SR4Video Surveillance2022-06-222025-06-22Operations Committee
SR5Petition Privacy2024-03-132027-03-13Governance Committee

Other AMS Policies & Plans

The AMS Operations Committee Policy Manual contains all of the rules, policies, and other information related to AMS Clubs, Constituencies, Student Resource Groups, and Space Bookings.

The strategic plans lay out the long-range plans and direction of the AMS on issues such as equity and sustainability.