AMS Leadership

AMS Leadership

AMS Leadership

Who are the students that run this whole thing? Meet the five students—elected by you, for you—who aspire to make a positive impact to your life at UBC.

Christian CK Kyle

AMS President |

6th Year, Geological Engineering

Ask me about:

  • How to get involved with your Constituency!
  • AMS Businesses & Student Services
  • AMS Policy & Procedures
  • UBC, AMS, and EUS History & Traditions!
  • Pub Golf

Drédyn Fontana

VP Academic & University Affairs |

5th Year Electrical Engineering & International Relations

Ask me about:

  • Advocacy to the University
  • Accessibility concerns
  • Affordability concerns
  • Chia seed pudding recommendations
  • Why sunflowers are the best flowers

Ayesha Irfan

VP External Affairs |

3rd Political Science and Law and Society

Ask me about:

  • Lobbying to the Municipal, Provincial, & Federal Governments
  • Student Affordability Concerns (Food Security & Housing Rights)
  • Where the best coffee on campus is

Gavin Fung-Quon

VP Finance |

4th Year International Relations

Ask me about:

  • Fees and Funds
  • Opt-ins, Opt-outs and Subsidies
  • Treasurer Training
  • Student Life
  • The Canucks

Amy Liao

VP Administration |

3rd Year Philosophy

Ask me about:

  • Clubs and How to Start a Club
  • The Nest
  • Sustainability
  • The Gym
  • Best matcha on campus