AMS Leadership

AMS Leadership

AMS Leadership

Who are the students that run this whole thing? Meet the five coffee-fuelled, sleep-deprived students—elected by you, for you—who aspire to make a difference in your life at UBC.

Eshana Bhangu

AMS President |

I wanted to be a student leader so I could get sh*t done and kick some ass.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve even been given?

  • Don’t be a beta.

Dana Turdy

VP Academic & University Affairs |

Office Hours

I ran for office because I’m passionate about creating a safe, inclusive, and accessible student experience at UBC and want to give back to this community by (hopefully) enacting meaningful change for students!

I can’t wait to start meeting and talking to students! In my opinion, the best part about this role is being able to serve and represent the entire student body. Don’t hesitate to email me anytime!

If you had to sing Karaoke, what song would you pick?

  • Sad songs only – so maybe Careless Whisper or anything by Mitski.

Erin Co

VP External Affairs |

Office Hours

I ran for office after being in the AMS for two years to let students stay focused on just that- being a student, without having to worry about increasing tuition costs, receiving government grants, finding affordable housing, accessing mental health services, and more.

I’m excited to start getting wins for the UBC community and working on the ground, hand-in-hand, with students. Having worked on campaigns for and with students, I’m excited to take advocacy to the next level and making student life the best it can be.

What’s Your Secret Superpower?

  • Being able to write a final paper for class the day it’s due (not very well but a submission is a submission)


VP Finance |

Ben Du

VP Administration |

I ran for office because I’ve seen first-hand how ​the past 25 months have presented some big challenges for our student community, but it has also shown us how resilient we can be. Being at the AMS for two years through the thick and thin of the pandemic, I’m most excited to work with the community and bounce back from COVID-19, together and stronger than ever.

If you have any thoughts about what we can do to improve your UBC student experience, reach out and let’s start a conversation!

If you could create a course at UBC, what would it be?

  • How To Stop Procrastinating!