There are a variety of committees and subcommittees associated with the AMS. Many of them include spots for students at large — you don’t have to be elected as a member of the AMS Student Council to serve on those. There’s a committee for nearly every student – apply to be part of a student committee today!

AMS Committees


Art Gallery Subcommittee provides advisory support to the Gallery Managers for the running and maintenance of the Hatch Art Gallery. Overseen by the Operations Committee.

Clubs and Societies Working Group facilitates communication between the AMS and clubs and societies. Overseen by the Operations Committee.

Fund Subcommittee monitors the accounts of constituencies and clubs. Overseen by the Finance Committee.

Grad Class Gifts Working Group reviews and approves proposals for one or more Grad Class Gift(s) that represent the graduating class of the year. Overseen by the Operations Committee

Impact Grant Working Group provides oversight to the AMS Impact Grant. Overseen by the Finance Committee.

Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee provides recommendations on proposed IT efforts and projects, ensuring projects and efforts align with the AMS IT Department’s goals and the AMS Strategic Plan. Overseen by the Operations Committee.

Sustainability Projects Fund Subcommittee assists in approving and providing funding for environmental, social, and economic sustainability projects through the Sustainability Projects Fund. Overseen by the Finance Committee.

Sustainability Subcommittee provides oversight over the AMS’ targets and goals laid out in the Student Driven Sustainability Strategy. Overseen by the Operations Committee.

Other Bodies

AMS/GSS Health & Dental Committee oversees all aspects of the joint AMS/GSS health and dental plan. For elected AMS Council students only.

CiTR Board of Directors oversees the student radio station, CiTR. Perfect for creative, media-oriented students seeking leadership experience!

Student Legal Fund Society supports litigation, advocacy, and lobbying for improved education and access to education at UBC, and other matters of law that set broad precedent and are of concern to UBC students.

UBC Ombuds Advisory Committee ensures the University Ombudsperson acts impartially, independent of every administrative body (including the AMS and UBC).