Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee

Governance Review Ad-Hoc Committee

Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee

Terms of Reference

The Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee shall be composed of:

  • five (5) non-Executive Council members, all appointed by Council and one of whom shall be the chair;
  • the President, who shall be the Vice-Chair;
  • the Chair of the Governance Committee, or if they’re already a member of the Committee, another non-executive voting member of Council who serves on the Governance Committee, and shall be appointed by the Governance Committee

The Governance Review Ad Hoc Committee shall:

  • lead a comprehensive review of the governance structure of the Society and keep Council regularly updated on their progress;
  • consult all relevant stakeholders on the governance review and provide a feedback mechanism for stakeholders during the review process
  • collaborate with Committees, the Executive, and Staff to create recommendations for Council to consider for governance changes to the Society;
  • regularly update and report to Council on the progress of their work and consult Council on recommendations as they are developed;
  • consult the entire membership on the status quo and different options for proposed governance changes before creating a final report;
  • create a final report including a recommended constitution, bylaw, policy, and code changes for Council to consider and adopt;
  • develop a plan to implement all recommendations in the final report provided to Council including any necessary referendums and more;
  • have a mandate as determined and approved by AMS Council;
  • perform other duties as required by Council to complete a fulsome governance review.

Meeting Times

Summer 2022: The Governance Review Committee meets weekly on Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. For information on attending Governance Review Committee meetings, please contact the chair at


Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes