Indigenous Committee

Indigenous Committee

Indigenous Committee

Purpose and Mandate

Our purpose is to establish an Indigenous student governance system on the UBC Vancouver campus and to integrate Indigenous forms of knowledge and practice into the Alma Mater Society (AMS). The formation of the Indigenous Committee has been tenuous, and our mandate is to work with the AMS, rather than have the AMS and, by extension, UBC do work on our behalf. Our voices, our knowledge and our representation are essential to the true nature of Reconciliation as an action, an action that we are accountable to, as well as all citizens of this land.

The Indigenous Committee is the responsible party for maintaining, budgeting and disbursing funds from the Indigenous Students Fund, which is to be renewed at the end of every September in perpetuity until otherwise declared by the UBC Vancouver student population through a referendum.

Land Acknowledgement

The work and practices of the Indigenous Committee will be done on the stolen lands of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) people who have been a part of these sacred lands for millenia. We, along with the University of British Columbia staff and faculty and its ~57,000 students, are all guests on this campus, and the larger territory that borders the Squamish and the Tsleil-Waututh nations. As guests, it is our responsibility to recognize this land as stolen and sacred, and we must all do our best to honour our hosts as uninvited visitors. We have begun our relationship with Musqueam First Nation and we intend to continue to build on these relations to honour and respect them, as the original stewards of this land.

Who we are

Indigenous students of the UBC Vancouver campus whose traditional lands fall within the colonially constructed borders of Canada and the United States of America (we recognize that borders are arbitrary and that many Indigenous nations do not recognize these borders, though they may be constricted by them). Our committee is composed of current Indigenous students who pay regular student fees to the AMS on the UBC Vancouver campus. Indigenous Committee members will consist of Indigenous students who attend regular meetings and participate in Indigenous Committee activities. The Indigenous Committee Executive will be appointed by the members of the Indigenous Committee at the beginning of each academic year in September. The Executive will hold their positions for an entire calendar year. In the event that someone can no longer fulfill their role, the Indigenous Committee will appoint another member to fill that role until the next appointment in early September.

The Indigenous Committee Executive shall be composed of:

  • Chairs(s)
    • Creates the agenda;
    • Chairs meetings
    • Oversees assigned roles, manages member and executive tasks;
    • Manages communication with the AMS and its members.
  • Vice President
    • Backup meeting Chair when the President(s) are unable to attend;
    • Manage Indigenous Committee historical and current documents
  •  Treasurer(s)
    • Attends trainings with AMS Finances;
    • Keeps bookkeeping records of the Indigenous Students Fund budget for each line item;
    • Manages receipts for reimbursement
    • Provide regular updates to the Indigenous Committee regarding finances;
    • Create quarterly finance reports for the AMS.
  • Social Media Representative
    • Manages social media accounts and posts regular updates including meeting dates and other pertinent events;
    • Social media accounts at present are Facebook and Instagram.
  • Key Holder
    • Responsible for holding a key for the locked cabinet in room 2131;
    • Provide regular access to the cabinet for all members.

The indigenous committee shall

  • Assert Indigenous knowledge, presence and practices into the AMS (Alma Mater Society) and;
  • Ensure Indigenous peoples are represented at UBC Vancouver through all levels of governance and student relations through various means;
  • Adhere to local traditions while recognizing and respecting our individual cultural beliefs and practices;
  • Advocate for Indigenous student representation within the AMS and the UBC Vancouver campus;
  • Ensure that the Indigenous Committee provides a space for Indigenous students on the UBC Vancouver campus to participate in meetings and events;
  • Safeguard room 2131, prioritizing it for Indigenous students and Committee guests;
  • Provide support for issues arising in room 2131;
  • Hold Indigenous Committee meetings bi-weekly from September-April and on an as-needed basis in the summer months.

Indigenous student fund

The Indigenous Committee manages, maintains and disburses funds from the Indigenous Students Fund;

  • In collaboration with the AMS Finance Team who will provide support and training;
  • By way of 2 Indigenous Committee-appointed Indigenous student treasurers;
  • Responsible for submitting quarterly reports to the AMS;
  • Adhere to the intent of the Terms of Reference for the Indigenous Students Fund;
  • All disbursements will be approved by the Indigenous Committee at bi-weekly meetings.

Terms of Reference for the Indigenous Students Fund as per budget line items

  • Pow Wow
    • This item is intended for use of a large-scale event to be produced by the Indigenous Committee in concert with other departments on campus, as the Indigenous Committee sees fit.
  • Indigenous Clubs
    • This item is intended for Indigenous students to access funds to begin their own clubs and to sustain their club activities as they see fit; Each club should keep a detailed report of how funds are being used so that the Indigenous Committee can have a record of the usage of funds for future reference.
  • Conference Sponsorship
    • This item is intended for Indigenous students to apply for sponsorship to attend conferences, summits or other special training pertaining to their education. Funding can be applied to application fees, airfare, hotels, or other travel to the event itself.
  • Indigenous Committee
    • This is the operating cost of the Indigenous Committee for meetings and team-building events.
  • Indigenous Student Lounge, Room 2131 in the Nest
    • This item is intended for the purchase of items for the room and students who use the room; Including, but not limited to, furniture, organizational items, snack items for students.
  • Marketing
    • This item is intended for the promotion and advertising of Indigenous Committee events such as the annual large-scale event, business cards, stickers, banners, etc.
  • Gifts and Honorariums
    • The item is intended for honorariums in the form of gifts or cash items for Elders and respected individuals who assist the Indigenous Committee in some form.
  • Arts Event
    • This item is intended for an event or series of events that promote Indigenous culture, knowledge systems, cultural performers, artists, speakers, etc. for the betterment of Indigenous relation with all other students on the UBC Vancouver campus.
  • Contingency
    • This item is intended for a provision for an unforeseen event or circumstance whereby funds are needed on an emergency basis.

Indigenous Student Engagement Facilitator (AMS President Team)

The Indigenous Committee will Ensure that the AMS position of the Indigenous Student Engagement Facilitator is held for an Indigenous student, and the Committee will work with the AMS to develop job duties to include;

  • Providing administrative support for the Indigenous Committee;
  • Attends Indigenous Committee meetings regularly;
  • Maintains a direct line of communication with the Indigenous Committee including Indigenous issues and initiatives that the AMS is working on and/or overseeing any other relevant campus activities;
  • Liaise with Indigenous bodies on campus to facilitate communication, networking and collaboration for the Indigenous Committee and its projects.

Annual Goals

The annuals goals of the Indigenous Committee are;

  • Planning at least one Indigenous focused event on the UBC Vancouver campus;
  • Host ongoing activities in room 2131 to enhance Indigenous student engagement in the Nest;
  • Providing financial support for Indigenous student clubs with the Indigenous Students Fund through an application process;
  • Providing financial support for Indigenous students’ professional development with the Indigenous Students Fund through an application process.

Contact: for information regarding Indigenous Committee meetings.

Meeting minutes:

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Open Letters:

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