Operations Committee

Operations Committee

Operations Committee

Current Members (Winter 2023)

Chair: Ian Caguiat (IanCaguiat@ams.ubc.ca)

  • Yuki Ichikawa (Councillor)
  • Amaan Panchbhai (Councillor)
  • Tanvi Pandhi (Councillor)
  • Anna Shubina (Councillor)
  • Urmi Patel (Student at Large)
  • Huynh My Linh Do (Student at Large)

Terms of Reference

The Operations Committee shall be composed of:

  • the Vice-President Administration;
  • four (4) non-Executive Council members; and
  • two (2) Students at Large;
  • the Chief Technology Officer, who shall be non-voting;
  • the Design Office Manager, who shall be non-voting; and
  • the Building Operations Manager, who shall be non-voting, and shall make short verbal reports to the Committee once a month

The Operations Committee shall:

  • oversee the management and infrastructure of all facilities operated by the Society;
  • oversee the management and policy of bookings, space allocation, and security in the AMS Student Nest;
  • establish regulations for clubs and other recognized student organizations and publish such regulations in the Operations Committee Policy Manual;
  • do intake for new club applications in June, September, and January, and complete the approval process for new clubs within a month of each intake (i.e., in July, October, and February);
  • approve renewals of existing clubs once a year by July 1;
  • ensure the Society is meeting its sustainability goals and recommend any action necessary to meet those goals;
  • work to make the Society more equitable in its operations;
  • ensure the regulation of the Society’s art collection;
  • consider necessary or desirable renovations to the AMS Student Nest and any other Society buildings, as well as other capital projects, present options and recommendations about such renovations and projects to Council, and verify that all such renovations and projects have been completed satisfactorily;
  • oversee the Society’s IT policies and make recommendations to the Finance Committee on major IT upgrades and projects for approval in consultation with the Chief Technology Officer;
  • in accordance with Section IX B, Article 6(5)(a) have the power to approve expenditures of less than two percent (2%) of the annual intake of the Capital Projects Fund for renovations or maintenance of the AMS Student Nest;
  • in accordance with Section IX B, Article 6(6) have the power to approve expenditures from the Art Fund;
  • submit reports to Council on fund expenditures it has approved as soon as it has approved them;
  • propose annual goals for itself to the Agenda Committee and be responsible for completing those goals; and
  • have such other duties as are outlined in the Bylaws or the Code or assigned by Council from time to time.

The Operations Committee is also responsible for administering the Art Gallery SubcommitteeClubs and Societies Working Group, Grad Class Gifts Working Group, Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee, and Sustainability Subcommittee.

Meeting Times (Winter 2024)

Meetings are held every Tuesday from 5 to 6 PM in the AMS offices at NEST 3529 and over Zoom (links are in the agenda). Please contact the Committee Chair (IanCaguiat@ams.ubc.ca) if you have any questions about being a guest at Operations Committee meetings.




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Subcommittees and Working Groups

Art Gallery Subcommittee: Provide advisory support to the Gallery Managers for the running and maintenance of the Hatch Art Gallery, with specific emphasis on the care and maintenance of the AMS Permanent Collection along with building integral relationships with the Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory. Terms of Reference

Clubs and Societies Working Group: Centralize and organize clubs and societies by facilitating communication between AMS clubs and societies and the AMS, deliberate and approve applications from student groups seeking AMS recognition, and reviewing strategies and policies to support clubs. Terms of Reference

Grad Class Gifts Working Group: Reviews and approves one or more Grad Class Gift(s) that represent the graduating class of the year. Terms of Reference

Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee: Provides recommendations on proposed IT efforts and projects, ensuring projects and efforts align with the AMS IT Department’s goals and the AMS Strategic Plan. Terms of Reference

Sustainability Subcommittee: Provide oversight over the AMS’ progress in reaching operational targets and goals laid out in the Student Driven Sustainability Strategy. Terms of Reference