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AMS Fees Opt-In Form

AMS Fees Opt-In Form

If you have any issues, please contact

Students registered in both terms of the Winter Session who wish to opt-in must apply by the end of the second week of classes in Term 1.

Here is a list of all the fees associated with the AMS society.

General Fee $43.15
Capital Projects Fund Fee $8.36
Student Aid Bursary Fee $12.00
Athletics and Intramural Fee $21.00
Ombudsperson Fee $1.13
Sexual Assault Support Services Fee $9.50
SUB Renewal Building Fee $100.00
WUSC Fee $5.73
Resource Groups Fee* $1.76
Lighter Footprint Fee $2.64
International Fee $0.29
Bike Kitchen Fee* $1.12
Clubs Benefit Fee $1.76
Childcare Bursary Levy Fee $1.17
CiTR Fee* $5.86
Student Legal Fund Fee $1.02
Campus Culture and Performance Fee* $2.50
Health and Dental Fee** $264.63
Ubyssey Publishing Fee* $7.04
U-Pass*** $164/term
Graduating Class**** $3.00
Constituency Fees Check UBC Calendar
Sustainable Food Access Fund Fee $0.39
Indigenous Student Fund $0.97
Permanent Thrift Shop on Campus Fee $0.97

* You may individually opt-out of these fees by contacting the respective organizations. Please visit our website for more details,

** Proof of existing health/dental coverage required to opt-out of this fee. All opt-outs must be completed online at Please note: If you have previously permanently opted out of the health and dental plan, this form will not override that request. If you have a prior permanent opt out, but wish to self enrol onto the health and dental plan, you will have to complete an additional form and pay the plan fees directly to Studentcare. Please contact Studentcare for more details: In person: Nest Room 3128 , Phone: 1-877-795 4421 Email:

*** Mandatory for all eligible members. For eligibility and exemptions check with U-pass Exemptions at UBC Enrollment Services:

**** Only paid during final year of studies

AMS Fees Opt-In Form

  • If you selected "Other" above, provide details here.
  • I declare that all the information I have provided in the above application form is true and complete. I understand the accuracy of the information I provide will be checked by comparing it against information held by the University of British Columbia. I have read the information on this form and by checking the box below I acknowledge and understand by choosing to opt into AMS Fees I will be assessed all AMS fees.

    All of the above information will be confirmed with official records from UBC to validate the identity of the individual submitting this form.