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AMS Fees Opt-Out Form

AMS Fees Opt-Out Form

Opt-Out Period Opens September 8, 2020 and Closes September 18, 2020. The Opt-Out form will be available on Campus Base when the opt-out period opens.

Complete the below form to opt-out of the Resource Group Fee ($1.77), the Arts and Culture Performance Fee ($2.50), and the Get Thrifty Fee ($0.95). In order to opt-out of these fees, you must apply during the designated opt-out period.

  • Winter term 1 opt-out period opens on September 8, 2020
  • Winter term 1 opt-out period closes in September 18, 2020
What it means to Opt Out of the resource group fee:

The Resource Groups fee funds the Resource Groups, consisting of Pride, the Women’s Centre, the Social Justice Centre, the Student Environment Centre, and Colour Connected. These are student-run, grassroot groups that work on and inform students about important social issues, as well as providing safe spaces for marginalized people.

The top six reasons why you should reconsider opting out of the Resource Groups fee:

  1. Your $1.77 goes towards events, peer support, safe spaces, and free food for all students.
  2. These events and spaces are open to you, and you are welcome to receive services worth more than $1.77 if you stop by.
  3. The groups here are fighting against racism, misogyny, imperialism, homophobia, queer- and transphobia, ableism and exploitation of animals, and fighting for the environment and affordable education. These struggles against social injustice educate and bring together students on campus as well as the wider community.
  4. Everyone is welcome to join these groups and develop their skills planning events, organizing spaces, making art, etc.
  5. The groups here are doing work on issues that are often underfunded, so your $1.77 counts for a lot.
  6. The Resource Groups are a great space to make supportive friends! Feel free to contact us for more information about what we do. Should you choose to opt out, you can still use the space and come to our events.

Feel free to contact the resource groups for more information about what we do. Should you choose to opt-out, you can still use the space and go to their events.

What it means to Opt Out of the Get Thrifty Fee:

The Thrift Store fund supports UBC’s first and only thrift store, Get Thrifty. The store is located in the basement of the Life Building, room 0016. It is entirely student-run and donation-based. The store directly addresses unnecessary waste and mitigates living expenses in order to facilitate a cyclical economy.

Get Thrifty primarily collects and curates clothing, books, and misc. household goods for resale at prices as low as $2 to no higher than $20. Your $0.95 goes towards building the store, paying our staff, operational costs, and public events. The fund is to cease collection once the store is self-sustainable as assessed by the AMS and Get Thrift execs.