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AMS Nest Booking Request Form

AMS Nest Booking Request Form

Prior to making a booking request, please refer to under “Bookings and Catering” for all relevant booking information including:

  • Bookable Room Equipment
  • Club AV & Equipment Rates
  • Catering Menu (clubs get an additional 30% off listed prices)
  • Club Menu (50% discount included in all prices)
  • Booking Policy
  • Alcohol Policy
  • Food Policy
  • Boothing Policy
  • Temporary Event Forms (Event Coordinator Planning Guide, Application Form, and Temporary Food Service Form)

Booking Requests should be submitted two weeks in advance.

AMS Nest Booking Request

  • Booking Request

    Submit only one event per form and limit each submission to one term (Sep-Dec; Jan-Apr; May-Aug).
  • If you selected "Other" above, describe here
  • Great Hall; Great Hall South; Great Hall North; Performance Theatre; 2301 (Movement Studio) ; 2306/9 (combined) ; 2306 ; 2309; 2311; 2314; 2504; 2506; 2508; 2528; 2514; 2515 ; 2521; Michael Kingsmill Forum; Rooftop Garden ; Lev Bukhman Lounge ; Norm Theatre ; Art Gallery ; Life 26 ; Life 5 ; Life 17 ; Any meeting room (≤8 persons)

    If you wish to reserve the Pit Pub and Gallery or the Hatch Gallery - please speak to the Gallery Restaurant or Hatch Gallery Manager.
  • The Nest cannot accommodate all requests- please state what alternatives for your event time/date/room size.
  • To familiarize yourself with the food options and the prices please refer to the AMS Club Menu (where all the prices are already discounted by 50%) or to the Catering Menu (clubs get additional 30% off on top of the prices reflected in this menu).
  • The available equipment includes: stage (minimum 4 decks - $25 per deck), stage skirting, linen table cloth (only white rounds or black rectangulares), wired/wireless microphones, pipe and drape (minimum order of 50 feet - $1 per foot), podium, coat racks, TV screens, stanchions, easels, AV technician ($150 for the set-up services + hourly labour applies) - please be mindful that there are costs associated with every equipment delivery/istallation. 1. Include the time when you need the equipment dropped off/picked up at in your request below.

    Enter NONE if you do not require equipment
  • If yes, 1. Please include the time by which the set-up needs to be done. 2. Please include the time when the striking may begin. Be mindful that there is a cost assosiated with these
  • Policies
    1. After event, ensure that the room is tidy - tables and chairs are put away. Refer to the back of the door of a bookable room for instructions.
    2. If you use garbage bins for your event, make sure to bring them to the loading bay for proper recycling at the end of the event.
    3. The use of the helium balloons is strictly prohibited in the Nest.
    4. The decor of the stair case railing of the Nest building is not permitted.
    5. The in-room decor is permitted as long as it's taken down at the end of the functions and no damages are caused.
    6. Storage of valuables at the bookable rooms is at your risk, custodial and trades have keys to access the locked rooms.
    7. The food sale or give away is no longer permitted in the Lower/Main Atrium. If you wish to do club events where the club is providing it's own food, I will make a reservation on the upper floors of the nest (2,3,4).
    8. Clubs booking tables without intend to sell/give away food will remain first come first serve. For your boothing fee free to use:

      • Booths with the blue draping - which are pre-set on the main Level of the Nest, in front of the food outlets.
      • Plastic tables - which are stacked on the cart by the hair salon on the Lower Level of the Nest.

    Please ensure you have read over the Clubs Booking Policy and the Club Terms & Conditions, available here in the Operating a Club section of our website.