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AMS Pen Pal Program

AMS Pen Pal Program

Welcome to the AMS Pen Pal Program! This program is a new initiative to help UBC students connect with one another. Both domestic, and international students have the opportunity to meet new people in a new alternative way. Whether you choose to hand write letters or correspond via email, this is your opportunity to creatively make friends and learn interesting thing about other students!

Be as creative as you want by sending art, poetry, stories and more. This application will be open the first week of each semester for all students to join. This is a safe space where we encourage participants to express themselves freely. Applications will only be accepted with a valid student number.

Pen Pal Application

(If you do not wish to use your personal address, type in "AMS Nest" and you can pickup your letters from the AMS office at the Nest)
I give consent for my information to be released to my pen pal(Required)