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Advocacy & Campaigns

UNA Board of Directors Election 2021


The UNA is your University Neighbourhoods Association – think “Your Friendly Neighbour” meets “Community Leaders”. If you live in one of the following RED areas on the map, keep reading.


The UNA controls a lot more than you might think. From how you live, where you live, to what you pay to live, the UNA has a say. They oversee Chancellor Place, East Campus, Hampton Place, Hawthorn Place, Wesbrook Village, Focal and Central Point, and certain buildings around campus.

If you live in any of these areas, the UNA dictates your living situation.


Register to become a member of the UNA by November 5, then VOTE in the upcoming UNA elections. STUDENTS are running in the election to put YOUR student needs first. They need your support to win!


If you’re already a UNA member, sit tight until the election. If you’re not a member yet, signing up is easy and it takes less than 5 minutes! Here’s how:

•    Log into your UNA account or create an account
•    Under “Services”, select “UNA Application Process”
•    Upload your proof of identity (eg. an ID)
•    Proof of residency (eg. a lease/utility bill)
•    And you’re done!

When the election comes around, you’ll be all set to vote! Learn more about UNA eligibility and requirements at

Let’s create a better community. Become a UNA member and support your fellow students.

Questions? Email us at

SkyTrain Extension: Next Stop UBC

For many years, your AMS has been advocating for better transit for students and a SkyTrain to UBC. Important steps have been made in the last year and if the project stays within its current timeline we could see this SkyTrain extension to UBC completed as soon as 2031, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

The SkyTrain extension project has been floating around since 1999 and in this time some misconceptions have developed among the campus community and wider Vancouver area. As well as addressing these misconceptions, we wanted to know what the SkyTrain to UBC means to students by hearing your ‘transit tales’ that truly show the value of this extension.

To keep the momentum going and make sure UBC students stay informed and engaged with the SkyTrain to UBC project, we will be sharing student transit tales and misconceptions with you over the next few months. Stay tuned here and on the Facebook using the hashtag #NextStopUBC.

Transit Tales

To ensure student voices remain central to this issue, we asked UBC students to share their transits tales. We presented these tales to the MetroVancouver Mayors’ Council, and attribute much of the council voting in favor of the UBC SkyTrain extension to your enlightening transit tales. Read student transit tales below:

Tale #1

“Year round, the buses are sometimes at standing capacity when I board, even though I board only two stops from 29th ave station. My commute impinges on my ability and desire to travel to campus. I research from off campus, which impacts my ability to collaborate and leverage on-campus University resources.” – Anonymous, Vancouver

Tale #2

“I hate that it wastes so much time that I could be spending on learning, and reaching my best potential. I need the skytrain to UBC so that I am able to commute to UBC stress-free and easily so that I can focus all of my energy towards my education. I would use the skytrain primarily to study but also to be able to utilize all the resources that the campus has to offer. My commute makes it that I dread having to come to campus, I don’t want to feel that way because I really do love campus and all that it has to offer.” – Anonymous, Vancouver




This project has been floating around since 1999. Important steps have been made in the last year and if the project stays within its current timeline we could see this completed as soon as 2031. This year both the Vancouver City Council and MetroVancouver Mayors’ Council held important votes to approve the early stages of this SkyTrain project. The AMS was present at every meeting and spoke on behalf of students about the importance of this project for our campus. The AMS has been actively advocating for the extension and will be continuing our work with the support of students to ensure this stays at the forefront of the regional transportation conversation.



In 2017 40% of overcrowding in the region was happening on bus lines servicing UBC. Additionally, 52% of all trips to UBC are by transit. Each day there are over  80,000 trips to and from UBC and more than 1,000 buses come through the bus exchange.


Textbook Broke

Sign Our Open Letter to UBC:

The 2019-2020 Textbook Broke Campaign is gathering student signatures on an open letter discussing the merits of Open Educational Resources for everyone on this campus. The letter will be sent to faculty associations, staff, department heads and more to demonstrate student support for OERs. It will encourage faculty members to adopt OERs, and show UBC administrators that increased infrastructure must be established to support these endeavours. Our education should be equitable — sign the letter and advocate for affordable course materials.

Sign Our Open Letter to UBC:

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After-Dark Safety

TransLink Nightbus

Getting home from Downtown Vancouver after dark is now easier and safer with Translink’s NightBus District. The N17 connects the downtown core with UBC in the early hours of the morning, every day of the week, on the following schedule.

AMS Safewalk

Safewalk is an AMS service that will accompany UBC students, staff and visitors across campus after dusk. So if you feel unsafe getting from point A to point B and no other form of transportation is available, get in touch with Safewalk (open daily 8pm-2am).

Other Safety Contacts

In case of an emergency, call 9-1-1

In case of a non-emergency:

  • Call UBC Security at 604-822-2222 (they can accompany you across campus after 2am)
  • Call RCMP on campus or University Endowment Lands at 604-224-1322
  • Call Transit police at 604-515-8300 or text 77.77
  • Call Vancouver Police Department at 604-717-3321