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You’re here to work hard AND play hard, so grab a couple of friends (or meet new ones!) and join, start, or run a club. That thing you’re obsessed with? So are a lot of people—we have over 350 clubs— and with options like these, there's always a way to get involved.

January Clubs Days 15-18 January, 2019

Check out our 350+ clubs at Clubs Days!

Clubs Days is your chance to check out all the clubs we have on campus and sign-up to the ones you like, right there and then! It’s a great way to find a club that matches your interests, and all booths are manned by representatives of each club so you’ll have the chance to actually chat to club members and people who run the club. We really believe there’s a club out there for everyone so make sure you come along from January 15-18, between 11AM-3PM, to find the club, or clubs, for you!