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Starting a Club

How to Start A Club

Starting an AMS club is a 5-step process. We’ve organised the steps into a handy table below. Following this guide will help you stay on top of deadlines and ensure you submit a complete application. 

As an AMS constituted club, you receive many benefits including free room bookings in the Nest, financial services, the ability to apply for funds, boothing opportunities, equipment rentals, and other ongoing resources. If you have further questions, please contact the Clubs & Societies Team: Or, visit us in NEST 3501.

Step 1


AMS Club Application form due via AMS Clubhouse by 4:30pm on September 30th for first term, January 31st for second term and June 30th for summer term.

Next round of New Club Applications will be available from September 1, 2019. 

Before beginning we strongly advise that you read these documents to help you through this process.

  1. AMS Operations Committee Policy Manual Section 4- Clubs Policy


  2. AMS Clubs Handbook

If you have any questions please contact

First, you’ll need to complete the Petition below with 50 signatures of support from current students. Please complete this form legibly. 

Second, you’ll need to complete the New Club Application below (available from June 1, 2019). The form will ask you a number of questions regarding proposed events, plans for your club, and the petition we asked you to complete. 

Applications will not be reviewed until after the application deadline. Clubs should expect to get an answer within a month of the application deadline. If approved, all rights and responsibilities of a constituted club apply to your group immediately upon notification of the decision. If approved, you will receive your club account code. This is used for banking, all AMS club records, signing up new members, and more!

Before moving on to Step 2:

  • Petition completed digitally or in pen
  • New Club Application completed correctly (see common mistakes!)
  • President and Treasurer position filled with different people


Common mistakes for Step 1:

  • Club name not in approved format (AMS must be in the name) – look at the name formats at the top of the New Club application.
  • Club overlaps with currently constituted club – do your research! Look at the club list on AMS Clubhouse, reach out to current clubs, look for opportunities to join and collaborate with current clubs instead of starting a new club.
  • Not open to all AMS members – except for some cases, all clubs should be open to all AMS members.
  • First year plan – we want to see that you have put lots of thought into your club, events should be diverse and have details.

Step 2

Inaugural General Meeting (IGM)


Meeting minutes from your inaugural general meeting (IGM) are due via AMS Clubhouse within one month of receiving confirmation that your application has been approved.

Now that you’ve been constituted, it’s time to have your first meeting! Please take minutes during the meeting. Minute-taking is a useful habit to keep, since the minutes may be required by C&S in a number of situations. You are required to submit the IGM minutes to AMS Clubhouse for C&S’s review.

Your club membership will also need to vote on your club bylaws at the IGM. Although your club has the opportunity to create your own bylaws, the AMS does encourage the use of our template. Feel free to expand on it though. If you intend to create your own bylaws, you must have bylaws to the effect of Bylaws 1 to 6 in the AMS template.

Additionally, we have a master constitution and a Club Handbook. The master constitution will let you know about any regulations for AMS Clubs. The Club Handbook will let you know how to get certain things done within the AMS.

Before moving on to Step 3:

  • IGM Minutes must include:
    • Attendance
    • Tally for voice on Bylaws
  • Bylaws must include:
    • Membership fees
    • Associate membership fees (at least 50% more than regular membership)
    • Membership privileges outlined


Common Mistakes for Step 2:

  • Constitution or bylaws not passed through a vote in the IGM minutes.
  • No membership or associate membership fees.

Step 3

Approving your Documents

Subsequent C&S Meeting

C&S will review your documents and recommend whether to accept or deny your bylaws. If your bylaws are accepted, congratulations! You have been formally constituted as an AMS club. If your bylaws are denied, you will be notified of C&S’s reasoning and may try again.

Step 4

& Authorization

Attend a new club orientation and get your Treasurer authorized by the AMS Finance Commission.

C&S will hold a couple of orientations following the constitution process. It is mandatory that one of your executives attend an orientation session. This will be considered when your club’s status is up for review. The dates of the orientations will be communicated through AMS Clubhouse and the updated in the Club Handbook.

The club Treasurer must complete the authorization process which is detailed in the Club Handbook.

Before moving on to Step 5:

  • 2 executive members attends an orientation
  • Treasurer completes authorization


Step 5

Event Reflection

Event reflection due via AMS Clubhouse by the end of the winter academic year for all new clubs.

Before your term check-in with the Associate Vice-President Administration, you must submit a reflection via AMS Clubhouse regarding an event you have held. This reflection will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses as an organizer, any questions during the process that may have gone unanswered, and what you would change about future events you hold. This event reflection will be heavily considered when we reconsider your club’s status after the provisional period. Failure to hold an event and submit a reflection may result in de-constitution.


  • Reflection Form