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Sustainability Projects Fund

Established in September 2011 the SPF funds student-led projects that reduce the ecological footprint of UBC students and their campus. Any UBC student with an idea for a sustainable project is welcome to apply. In the past, we have funded projects for as much as $10,000!


The AMS recognizes its responsibility to reduce the negative social and ecological impacts of its operations and activities, as well as the responsibility to actively improve the social and ecological environments of our campus and engage our student community in this work. The SPF funds student-led projects that contribute to these goals. For an application to be accepted for funding, the sustainability project must address at least one of the following issues:

  1. Student empowerment related to sustainability;
  2. Reduction of the Society’s ecological footprint and the ecological footprint of UBC Vancouver;
  3. Education, outreach and community organizing related to sustainability;
  4. The environmental, ecological and socially sustainable operations of the Society and UBC Vancouver;
  5. Sustainability-related advocacy initiatives;
  6. Info-sharing and partnerships with the broader community beyond UBC Vancouver.

Funding Restrictions

Expenses that can be funded by the SPF are restricted as follows.

  1. No student salaries/wages/coop fees shall be reimbursed by SPF funds.
    • Professional services with receipts are acceptable, but the SPF does not provide honoraria to project leaders.
    • However, the SPF will fund honoraria for speakers at a maximum of $250 per application.
    • The SPF will also fund prize money up to a maximum of $250 per application.
  2. No travel or accommodation for students will be funded.
    • However, the subcommittee will consider funding travel and accommodation for non-student speakers.
  3. Catering/food costs will be funded only at under $25/person per meal and only for events, not team meetings.
    • It is recommended to use AMS affiliated sustainable catering options:
    • Events where food education is the main focus can be exempt from this limitation, and the amount of funding will be at the discretion of the SPF subcommittee.
  4. No alcoholic beverages or liquor licenses shall be reimbursed through SPF funds.
  5. No conference registration fees shall be reimbursed through the SPF funds. Students will be referred to other sources of funding available on campus.
  6. The SPF will not fund the cost of eco-friendly materials for an event that is not related to sustainability. Groups looking for this type of funding are encouraged to apply to the Student Environment Centre instead.
  7. The SPF generally funds projects and events, but operational expenses that support multiple projects/events to happen will also be considered.
  8. The SPF cannot fund projects retroactively. Project leaders should submit their application well in advance to ensure it can be reviewed before the project start date.

How to Apply

Eligibility guidelines are as follows:

  1. All applicants must be registered UBC students (a.k.a. active members of the AMS).
  2. Applications will be accepted from students, student groups or clubs.
  3. Applications will NOT be accepted from faculty members, staff or off-campus organizations.
    • However, they may apply towards the fund in coordination with an active member as a secondary applicant. If a faculty, staff or community member is part of the project team, they should be listed as the secondary applicant. This is so that they can be contacted in case the project continues after the student lead graduates.
  4. Fill an application form for small project or an application form big project or application form for MOU
  5. For more information on MOU Process here. Also find the MOU Template here
  6. Attach all the relevant documents and submit your application to, at least 7 working days before the end of every month.

Notification of Funding Offers
The SPF administrator will email applicants all applicants within a week of the of the ensuing month to inform them of the status of their project.

  1. Approved projects will be informed of the amount awarded, instructions for accessing funds, any conditions for funding, and any suggestions from the subcommittee. In some cases, the SPF administrator may wish to clarify small details with the applicants before awarding funding.
  2. Rejected projects will be informed as to why the application was not successful.
  3. Some unsuccessful projects may be offered the opportunity to resubmit an application to clarify major details or rethink aspects of the project. Applicants can resubmit at the next funding cycle.



  1. All payment reimbursements are receipt-based and must be accompanied by a completed SPF invoice form and submitted to the SPF administrator. Credit/debit transaction records with no mention of the actual item paid for will not be accepted.
  2. To simplify the administrative procedures, only the primary and secondary applicants will be directly reimbursed. Please make sure that your primary and secondary applicants are the ones that will be paying for the expenses at first.
  3. Projects have two months after their project’s stated completion date to file receipts. The SPF Administrator holds the right to reject reimbursement if it is too far past the projects slated completion. However, discretion is applied with regards to project extensions and special circumstances as they arise.
  4. If the reimbursement for is filled properly and all expenditures are accompanied by receipt, your check would be ready in not later than 10 working days

Monitoring and Reporting

  1. Beneficiaries are required to take photographs of their project activities and submit as part of the reimbursement process
  2. A final report submission is required after project completion and applies to all projects. Large projects are expected to submit longer final reports of 2-3 pages maximum, while smaller projects can submit reports of 1-2 pages maximum. Projects that are events must include the approximate number of attendees in their report. If a project fails to submit a final report, it is at the discretion of the Sustainability Funds Administrator to withhold fund reimbursements until the reports are submitted. Final reports will be posted to the SPF website.

For more detail please read the Sustainably Project Fund Policy