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Volunteer Opportunities


Are you a UBC Student graduating in May 2019? Looking for one more way to give back to your school? Your AMS and Grad Class Subcommittee needs your help in selecting a graduating class gift(s)! No idea is too small, the more the merrier. Past ideas have included the Pride Installation outside the Nest, art pieces, statues, and time capsules – what mark will the Class of 2019 have?

If you have a meaningful idea, or think you have an eye for spotting what our school needs, please fill out this form – – and your AMS President will get back to you!

Submitting a proposal? In the form, you will be asked for:

  1. i) the name of the group or individual submitting the proposal;
  2. ii) the name of the project;

iii) a one hundred (100) word description of the project and of the planned allocation of any funds granted; and

  1. iv) the amount requested for the gift.
  2. c) The amount requested shall not exceed five thousand dollars ($5,000) for gifts which are oriented towards a specific faculty, and twenty-five thousand dollars ($20,000) for gifts which benefit the entire campus community.

Note: The graduating class shall consist of all students in the Winter Session who are registered in the final year of a program leading to a bachelor’s degree or a post-baccalaureate degree in medicine, dentistry, or law.

Zero Waste Squad

The Zero Waste Squad program is a joint peer-led volunteer program open to UBC students brought to you by UBC Sustainability, AMS Sustainability and Common Energy UBC. Get involved today and help UBC become a zero waste campus! Please contact us if you are interested in helping out with the Squad, and making a difference through educating the campus community about recycling and composting.