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AMS Student Nest
Room 3500 (third floor)
9am-4:30pm, Monday – Friday, September – April
9am-4pm, Monday – Friday, May – August

Not sure who to call? General info number: 604-822-2901

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AMS Student Nest
6133 University Blvd
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V6T 1Z1

Contacts by Department

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Alphabetical list of contacts

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Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Ali, Asad Programming and Events Manager
 604-822-5336  NEST 3525
Aminjavaheri, Elnaz Volunteer Team Coordinator
 604-349-4156  NEST 3107
Alnaar, Abdul Council Speaker


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Bergen, Amanda Accounting/ Administration Supervisor 
Bortolon, Ricardo Bookings Representative
 604-822-3966  NEST 3502
Boutrin, Christine Conferences + Catering Manager
604-822-3465 NEST 3500


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Chan, Raymond Asian Food Outlets Manager
604-827-5589 NEST 1101B
Chaye, Cathy Cashier
604-822-2901 NEST 3563
Cheng, Amy Content Coordinator
604-822-0495 NEST 3508
Cheng, Linda Office/ Acccounting Assistant
604-822-3978 NEST 3500
Chew, Sean Uppercase Manager
604-822-6999 NEST 1302E
Choi, Elias Assistant Student Services Manager         604-822-2550 NEST 3105
Chow, Kurtis Human Resources Coordinator
604-822-5529 NEST 3500
Coculescu, Daniel Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
604-822-2325 NEST 3537
Coleman, Tom Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
604-822-5453 NEST 3500
Crasta, Jude Vice-President External Affairs
604-822-2050 NEST 3524


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Dauncey, Alexander Vice Coordinator NEST 3107
Diewert, Sandra Purchasing & Storeroom Manager
604-822-2386 NEST 86A
Dryden, Cathy Pie R Squared Manager, 604-822-4396 NEST 1403
Dwyer, Cormac O. Healthier Masculinities Program Coordinator


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Evans, Lyanne Senior Sales Associate
604-822-6704 NEST 3500


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Fong, Lynn Baker 604-822-6999 NEST 1302E


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Geib, Angela Payroll Administrator
604-822-4895 NEST 3566
Goldfarb, Sheldon Archivist/Clerk of Council & Privacy Officer
604-822-9360 NEST 3514


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Hamid, Marium Student Services Manager 604-822-9949 NEST 3103
Hamre, Jonas Chef de Cuisine
604-822-8790 NEST 866
Hester, Keith Managing Director
604-822-3974 NEST 3534


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Jafer, Waged Ombudsperson
604-822-4046 NEST 3119


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Kachouh, Nour SASC Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator
604-827-5180 NEST 3127
Karadkhedkar, Avani Social Media Coordinator
604-822-0495 NEST 3508
Kingsmill, Michael Designer
604-822-5000 NEST 3401
Kriesel, Joshua Food Bank Coordinator 604-822-2371 NEST 3107
Krishnan, Akhil Safewalk Coordinator 604-822-5355 NEST 3107


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Lam, Amy Controller
604-822-2902 NEST 3564
Web Developer
604-822-0495 NEST 3508
Leonce, Ivan SASC Outreach Worker
604-827-5180 NEST 3127
Levido, Craig Senior Operations Manager
604-822-3965 NEST 3537
Li, Hong Lok IT Manager & Infrastructure Architect
604-822-9354 NEST 3402


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Ma, Thomas Assistant C+C Manager
604-827-4237 NEST 2401D
Markarian, Vince Assistant Building Operations Manager
604-822-9019 NEST 1317
Martin, Alyona Building Operations Manager
 604-822-8309  NEST 1316
Menon, Pranav Entrepreneurship Hub Coordinator 604-618-9413 NEST 3107



Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Nakahori, Anna SASC Support and Advocacy Coordinator
Nasiri, Ava President
604-822-3972 NEST 3518


Name Position (email) Telephone Office


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Retief, Louis VP Finance
604-822-3973 NEST 3526
Pendse, Roshni Tutoring Coordinator
604-822-9084 NEST 3107
Pickford, Joanne Administrative Assistant
604-822-3971 NEST 3502


Name Position (email) Telephone Office


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Sanford, Danielle Speakeasy Coordinator 604-822-9246 NEST 3107
Scrymgeour, Jade Advocacy Coordinator NEST 3107
Scott, Chris VP Administration
604-822-3961 NEST 3514
Simpson, Kathleen VP External Affairs
604-822-2050 NEST 3524
Susanti, Lilis Financial Processing Assistant
604-822-0571 NEST 3500
Sy, Ed C+C Operations Supervisor 604-827-3564 NEST 3569
So, Samantha VP Academic and University Affairs
604-822-3092 NEST 3522
Sobouhi, Nadia Executive Assistant/ invoicing


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Tam, Josiah Grand Noodle Emporium Sous Chef
604-827-3164 NEST 105
Teh, Bev Uppercase & Lowercase Manager
604-822-6999 NEST 1302E
Thomson, Kathryn Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
604-822-1497 NEST 3569
Truong, Samantha SASC Research Assistant
Tung, Robyn Human Resources Generalist
604-822-1207 NEST 3539


Name Position (email) Telephone Office


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Waugh, Zachary Junior Graphic Designer
604-822-0495 NEST 3304
Wall, Kelsi Policy Advisor
604-822-2280 NEST 3523


 Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Yih, Ken Human Resouces Senior Manager
604-822-1911 NEST 3532
Yu, Chris Systems Administrator
604-822-1989 NEST 3405
Yu, Joan Finance Administrator
604-822-5910 NEST 3500


Name Position (email) Telephone Office
Zakrzewski, Maureen Receptionist
604-822-2901 NEST 3500
Zhao, Grace Systems Administrator II
604-822-9591 NEST 3403