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Fees, Opt-In/Out & Subsidies

AMS Student Fees

Here is a breakdown of the AMS fees.

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AMS Membership Fee$43.50
Capital Projects Fund Fee$8.43
AMS Financial Assistance Fund Fee$12.00
Athletics and Intramural Fee$21.00
Ombudsperson Fee$1.14
Sexual Assault Support Services Fee$9.58
SUB Renewal Building Fee$100.00
Student Refugee Fund Fee$5.78
Resource Groups Fee*$1.78
Lighter Footprint Fee$2.66
International Projects Fund Fee$0.30
Bike Kitchen Fee*$1.13
Clubs Benefit Fee$1.78
Childcare Bursary Levy Fee$1.18
CiTR Fee*$5.91
Student Legal Fund Fee$1.00
Campus Culture and Performance Fee*$2.75
Health and Dental Plan*$264.63
Graduating Class Fee$3.00
Constituency FeesVaried
Sustainable Food Access Fund Fee$0.39
Indigenous Student Fund$0.97
Permanent Campus Thrift Shop Fee$0.98
Total AMS Fees (excluding Constituency Fees)$489.84


Athletics and Rec fee $230.82
U-Pass Fee (per term)*$173.40
Ubyssey Fee*$7.09
Total Non-AMS Fees$411.31

*these fees can be opted-out of.

How to Opt-Out/In


Only certain fees have opt-out provisions, Students can only opt-out in the first term of enrolment this academic year (2021-2022). If you wish to opt-out, please submit your opt-out requests within the designated period. 

  • Winter Term 1: Sept 7 – 21 2021
  • Winter Term 2: Jan 10 – 24 2022

How to opt-out

Resource Group Fee/ Arts and Culture & Performance Fee/ Permanent Thrift Store on Campus Fee
Use the Opt-Out form on AMS CampusBase to submit your request. You will need your CWL to login.

Bike Co-op Fee
Your $1.13 contribution will enable the Bike Kitchen to weather the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring that we have staff and biking supplies ready to greet you when you return. Supporting the Bike Kitchen means supporting cycling advocacy and education, and social justice advancement through our extensive training and programming. Learn more at our website: We of course understand if this is not possible for you at this time.

Visit the Bike Kitchen in Room 36 in the UBC Life Building (6138 Student Union Blvd), or contact Sunny Nestler with your name and student number at Use “opt out” as the subject line.

CiTR Fee
Visit their office in the NEST LL500, or contact Dora Dubber at

Ubyssey Fee
Opt-out can be requested in-person at the Nest Room 2209, The Ubyssey Administration Office, during published opt-out periods. Valid Student ID required.

Health & Dental Plan Fee
If you’re an international student or have existing medical coverage you can opt-out of the AMS/GSS Heath & Dental Plan. Be sure to do this within the Change-of-Coverage Period. If you start school in Term 2, the change-of-coverage period is from January 1-31, 2020.

Questions? The Health & Dental Plan office is located in NEST 3128. You can only opt-out of Heath and Dental with proof of alternate medical coverage only.

U-Pass Fee
Learn more about U-Pass exemptions and opt-out options


In accordance with the AMS code of procedures Section XIII, Article 3(7) and pursuant to AMS Bylaw 14(9), Active Members of the Society who are not eligible for the exclusive services of the health and dental plan and the U-Pass due to their special fee exemption status, may Opt-In to the Society’s fees in order to receive the aforementioned benefits.

Students can Opt-in in whichever term of their enrollment.

  • Winter Term 1 : Aug 23 – Sept 29 2021
  • Winter Term 2: Jan 3 – 29 2022
  •  Note: students who begin their enrollment at UBC in the summer terms (July) are not eligible to self-enroll into the Health and Dental plan and are not automatically covered. Exceptions exist for graduate students. 
  • U-pass program Opt-in requirement: Student must be registered in full time or part time studies with a minimum of 3 credits, or assessed tuition fees of more than $708/term or $177/month. 

how to Opt-In

To Opt-In, fill out the Opt-In form on AMS CampusBase and follow the steps. You will need your CWL to login.

For opt-in requests outside of this timeline (e.g. in the middle of the semester) please contact

PLEASE NOTE: Should you wish to Opt-In to any AMS Fee, you must Opt-In to all AMS Fees.

For any questions, or further information on Opt-in’s and Opt-outs, please contact


The AMS offers hardship subsidies to students who are experiencing genuine financial hardship. Students can apply for four kinds of Hardship Subsidies: Health and Dental Fee Subsidy, U-Pass Subsidy,  SUB Renewal Fee Subsidy and the AMS Fee Subsidy.

The subsidies available for the current academic session (2021/2022) are:

U-Pass Subsidy
•    All students experiencing financial hardship but are ineligible for the U-pass exemption can apply. Here are the dates:
•    Winter Term 1: Aug 31 – Oct 15 2021
•    Winter Term 2: Jan 14 – Feb 18 2022


•    **Students can only apply during the first term of their academic year. Here are the dates:
•    Winter Term 1: Sept 7 – 21 2021
•    TBD


•  Winter Term 1: Aug 23 – Sept 29 2021

  • Winter Term 2: Jan 3 – 28 2022

Please contact and CC for any questions about applying for hardship subsidies. 

U-pass Exemptions

U-pass exemptions are different from U-pass subsidies. Please contact for inquiries and informatio