The AMS overhauled the committee system in 2010. The idea was to provide a counterweight to the Executive by reducing the number of committees and increasing their power. The introduction of Business and Administration Governance Board in 2012 furthered the process.

The big, obvious one is the Executive Committee; it meets once a week to discuss all the current issues in the Society. It’s made up of all the executives, and the topics week-to-week vary pretty widely.

There are four standing Council committees, each consisting of six Council members, two Executives, and three Students at Large (that is, ordinary students who are not on Council or serving on commissions). The standing committees are:

There are also some Extraordinary Committees:

  • Agenda Committee; The chairs of the four Standing Committees and the President, prepares the agenda and makes recommendations about hiring the Speaker.
  • Budget Committee; helps the VP Finance produce the AMS budget.
  • Elections Committee; oversees all AMS elections and referendums, differs from the other committees in not having any Council members on it for reasons of impartiality.
  • Health and Dental Committee
  • New SUB Project Committee; oversees work on the new Student Union Building.
  • Extraordinary Hiring Committees; struck as necessary to work on the hiring of the Ombudsperson, the members of Student Court, and the members of the Elections Committee. They are also to assist the Executive Director in the hiring of senior staff.
  • Sustainability Projects Committee; awards grants to students for campus sustainability projects.
  • Oversight Committee; oversees the Executive and the Ombudsperson and determines how much of the Performance Accountability Restriction (PAR) payment each Executive receives at the end of their term.
  • Research Grant Adjudication Committee; will award grants to students doing research on postsecondary issues affecting UBC Vancouver.
  • The Business and Administration Governance Board (BAGB); was created late in 2012 to oversee the business side of the AMS.

Want to see minutes from individual committee meetings? Look at the sidebar on the left of this page to view a full list of AMS committees.

Council also occasionally creates ad hoc committees.

  • In 2012 Robocom (the Restructuring of Business Operations Committee) looking into the business side of the AMS and led to the creation of BAGB. For archives of Robocom meetings please contact Sheldon Goldfarb.

There are also committees outside the AMS to which Council appoints members. Most of these are committees established by the University, such as:

  • University Athletics Council and
  • Aquatic Centre Management Committee.

The Student Health and Dental Plan is administered by a joint AMS/GSS Health and Dental Plan Committee.

Council also appoints representatives to the CiTR radio station board of directors and to the board of the Student Legal Fund Society.

To be appointed to a committee or to another position, an individual must indicate their willingness to serve in the position either by showing up in person at a Council meeting, by sending a note saying they want to serve in the position, or by having formally applied for the position.

Can’t find those minutes you were looking for? For archived minutes of AMS committees, please contact AMS Archivist Sheldon Goldfarb.

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